Thursday, September 28, 2006

Windy weather in the east

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of entries lately. Struggling a little with writing time. Pic above is last Sunday in Montreal. Peak gust was 76km/h.

It has been a very windy week in Ontario and Quebec. A strong front last weekend produced 70-100km/h winds in both provinces. Tree and power lines were knocked down cutting power to over 250,000 customers. While most have been connected, Hydro One is still struggling with some in the Bracebridge and Barrie area.

To make matters worse another series of fronts yesterday and today is producing some severe weather adding to the outages. Over 30mm of rain is expected from the slow moving front as it crosses the 416 corridor today and tonight.

In the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Isaac has formed. He is not threat to land at this point, but interests in the Maratimes should monitor the storm.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Thoughts of Dawson College
Helene to remain out at Sea
Hurricane Helene is now a category three storm and is expected to follow much the same path as Gordon before her. This will keep the storm largely at sea with just large swells hitting Bermuda and the east coast. It appears that the storms are on a rail right now riding around a big ridge in the Atlantic and being blocked by weather systems along the east coast of North America.

• Snow fell this past weekend in Saskatchewan & Alberta. Heavy snow fell from Banff to Jasper while 5-10cm fell in southwest Saskatchewan including Swift Current. Ah so much for summer.... and fall for that matter!

• It reached 27C today in many parts of Eastern Ontario. This warm air will be short lived as a strong cold front brings heavy rain tonight and cooler temperatures on Tuesday.

• Warning: Non weather rant......
Just a quick note on the Dawson shooting last Tuesday in Montreal. I had written a big statement about how deeply troubled and sad I was regarding the terrible events, but I never posted it. It seemed to emotional and angry. I was both, but have settled down a bit since last week. It reminded me so much of the shooting of 14 women at the University of Montreal in 1989.
I was a student and News Director at the radio station in Dawson College from 1984 to 1987.
My thoughts and prayers are with Anastasia's family, and the other victims as they recover, as well as the students, staff and faculty as they begin to return to classes this week.

I was also very proud to be a Concordia graduate. Concordia University opened its doors within seconds and provided support to all who were affected by the tragedy. We need to stop these awful events from taking place. I don't have the answers, but we should not stop talking until we find them.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Florence is heading for Newfoundland
Environment Canada has issued a Tropical Storm Warning for southeastern Newfoundland. The centre of Florence is still about 600km from the coast but gales are extending well out ahead of the hurricane. The storm is undergoing a transition to extratropical state, which is a widening of the wind field and a loss of tropical characteristics.

The storm is expected to produce battering waves along the Newfoundland and Nova Scotia Coasts along with heavy rain, over 100mm and 100km/h winds in Newfoundland.

View the latest statement from the Canadian Hurricane Centre

Monday, September 11, 2006


Frost Thunderstorms and a
Hurricane for good measure

Some of the worst thunderstorms of the season swept across the Ottawa Valley and Quebec on Friday afternoon. The intensity of them was a little bit of a surprise to me. They developed quickly in advance of a cold front. Winds were gusty, 50-100mm of rain fell, power poles were snapped and trees uprooted. Many parts of Carleton Place and portions of the City of Ottawa were left without power.

• Hurricane Florence with 80 mph is brushing Bermuda this morning. A wind gust of 79 mph was reported on the island. The storm will transfer into a very strong extratropical storm and move through Atlantic Canada waters by Wednesday. Gales and heavy rain are expected along the Avalon in Newfoundland, while Nova Scotia should have gusty winds and showers. Warnings may be needed for Newfoundland.

• Finally, frost occurred in parts of upstate New York and Eastern Ontario this morning. This is way too early for the time of year, but what can you do! The temperature was down to 5C here in Kemptville this morning, the coldest air since last spring.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Severe Thunderstorms
possible this afternoon
A strong cold front is racing across Ontario this afternoon. In advance of the front some severe weather has broken out. Warm southwest winds have driven temperatures up close to 27C. As the front presses southeast and east- storms over the Upper Ottawa Valley will begin moving south into Eastern Ontario. Some watches have been issued, they will be extended south and east over the next couple of hours. Stay alert to severe weather this afternoon.

WARNING: non weather rant....We are coming up on the anniversary of some big changes here at work; some good - some bad; and from what I understand more changes are on the way. Change is good, don't get me wrong. But we must be allowed the time to mourn the loss, appreciate the gain, if any, and adjust to the change. That just has not been the case at times lately here and in the real world.

In that thought, today is Wear Red to Support The Troops Day, and every Friday from now on. It was started by the wives and families of Canadian & American Troops over in Afghanistan and Iraq. As the 5th anniversary of 9-11 approaches, take the time to remember, understand and appreciate all the hard work the men and women of the Canadian Forces are doing overseas to protect us from further attack by the cowardly terrorists.

The images on the page today are the things that are in my thoughts for this Friday, September 8. It is a warm late summer day in Eastern Ontario with a southwest breeze, big shadows and beautiful maples turning red. I can appreciate all this because of the freedom we enjoy in North America. Remember who protects that freedom.

On the tropical front, Florence is still expected to become a hurricane later today as it approaches Bermuda. It will make a big northward sweep and could brush Newfoundland late in the forecast period. I will update this possible scenario over the weekend. There is still much uncertainty in the forecast.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Florence develops in Atlantic
Tropical Storm Ernesto's floodwaters are still receding across the Eastern Seaboard. Up to 50mm of rain fell in Kemptville and Eastern Ontario over the weekend, while upwards of 250mm flooded parts of Virginia and the Carolinas.

In his wake Tropical Storm Florence has formed in the Atlantic, 1510 kilometres east of the Antilles. The storm is forecast to become a major hurricane by this weekend with some potential to impact the east coast. It will bear watching as we are too far out in the forecast period.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Ontario/New York and New England await Ernesto
The tropical remains of Ernesto will be moving north across Lake Ontario on Saturday night. In advance of the system - strong winds will begin to affect Vermont, New York and the St. Lawrence Valley. Winds will gust from 50-80km/h in many regions and may bring down some trees or power lines. Heavy rain will overspread Ontario from Windsor to Ottawa during the afternoon and evening Saturday. Storm totals could approach 75mm in places specially south and west of Kingston. Stay tuned for more information regarding the remains of Ernesto.

Gale Warnings are in effect for Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. Flash Flood Watches have been posted for the western southern tier of New York and southern New England. They may be extended north.

Ernesto downgraded to depression
Ernesto is now a depression after slamming the Carolina Coast, moving onshore near Long Beach, NC overnight. The storm is now in eastern North Carolina dumping a tremendous amount of rain. In the last 24 hours close to 10 inches of rain has fallen in Wilmington and along the Outer Banks towards Duck. My favorite island, and for that matter many others as well; Hatteras Island, fared well in the storm. Heavy Rain did fall and winds gusted over 60mph but so far little damage is being reported. Flooding could become severe across inland areas and the coastal plain. Heavy rain is spreading north with flood watches as far north as New York State. Power is out to over 270,000 customers in North Carolina and Virginia.

The storm will move into Ontario by late Saturday with heavy rain and gusty northeast winds. Already clouds are streaming into the St. Lawrence Valley today on gusty south and east winds ahead of the low pressure area.