Monday, April 28, 2008

Heavy rain & thunderstorms

A large area of heavy rain and thunderstorms is moving north into eastern Ontario and Quebec. A heavy rain warning is in effect in southern Quebec and may be extended west into Ontario. About 30-60mm can be expected. The culprit is low pressure that will lift north into the central lakes as the day moves on. Some snow will occur around northeast Ontario (Sudbury, North Bay) on the western flank of the system but should not occur in our area.

While rivers and streams will rise they should remain below flood levels as a result of this rain. Some frost may occur Tuesday and Wednesday night on the backside of the storm as cold air moves in and clearing skies.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cooler weather on the way for Ontario

A major change in weather patterns, for the short term anyway, is expected next week. Today will be partly sunny before a cold front passes through the region late today. Expect some showers and thunderstorms along the front. Sunday will be sunny and warm again, close to 21C. On Monday low pressure organizing in the Midwest will move south of the lower lakes and into New England. Heavy rain is expected on Monday followed by a transition to some wet snow Tuesday before precipitation tapers off. I am not expecting any accumulations here, but it will become much cooler, so put away the shorts for a few days. The cooler weather will continue into next weekend before it begins to warm again the first week of May.

Keep in mind the temperatures have been running at least 10 degrees above normal for late April. Well we welcomed the drying out and the melting of the snow, but it is early for this kind of heat.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

First Thunderstorms of season

The first line of thunderstorms in 2008 developed rapidly along a weak cold front during the supper hour last night. The line flared up over the 416 corridor and moved south towards the Seaway. Several hours of vivid lightning, thunder and even a spot of hail here in Kemptville were recorded. About 5-10mm of rain fell along the front. Despite the shower activity, many areas on either side of the border have fire bans in effect. Relative humidity's are expected to lower today and with the lack of a proper frozen ground from this past winter, the ground is drying out very quickly. Combined with gusty winds, the threat of fire is real. Grass fires have flared up already this week in Augusta Township south of Kemptville and upstate New York.

It should be sunny, warm and dry today and Friday before showers move in for Saturday. Meanwhile another storm is bringing snow and freezing rain to the southern Prairies with a winter storm warning for southern Manitoba today. 10cm of snow and freezing rain is forecast.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A few thoughts.....

Just getting rid of some tidbits on my desk that I thought I would share. First and foremost way to go Montreal. My Habs beat the Bruins Monday night in a very tough series, but a not so tough Game 7. Kudos to the Bruins they played good enough to win - through 6 games anyway. And now we welcome Philly.

What a waste of space the idiots that burned several Montreal police cars after the game are, please don't call these morons hockey fans.

As we bask in 25C sunshine with afternoon thunderstorms and more warm weather expected the rest of this week, Edmonton is still under a snowfall warning, and it is currently -5C and snowing. Southern Manitoba also has watches in effect for snow. This is why I tell me dear sister, I will visit her, but never move to Edmonton.
I wanted to say how much I admired the career of Brett Favre of the Green Bay Packers when he retired last month - but I never got a chance to post it. So below is an appropriate picture of Brett at Lambeau Field playing in some of my favorite game weather.

Lastly severe weather up and down the east coast this past weekend produced several spectacular weather events including this waterspout off the coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean near Bethany Beach, Delaware.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Above: The first smog warning of the season while not good for breathing, made for brilliant sunsets this weekend. Sunset over the Seaway and Montreal Friday.

Below: Prairie Snow in April.

Warm in the east - cold in the west
Just clearing up some odds and ends from my desk and computer as I prepare to watch the Montreal Canadiens try and beat the Bruins tonight and finish off this series. My apologies for the lack of entries of late, life has been busy. Some are suggesting that I only like to talk about bad weather, well certainly is more interesting.

What a spectacular weekend here in the east. Most areas of Ontario and Quebec had sunny summer like weather. That included a high near 25C in Kemptville and all of our snow has now melted. This is unreal - in less than two weeks, again with the exception of the pile at the Kemptville Mall! While we were enjoying the summer warmth, many regions of North America were not so lucky. A winter storm moved across central Montana and into Saskatchewan and Alberta. Heavy snow and strong winds brought travel to a standstill. Over 30cm of snow fell in many areas, with 25cm in Edmonton, 30cm in Calgary and 33cm in Medicine Hat. Combined with gusty winds,the snow forced many roads to become impassable. Accompanying the snow was very cold temperatures. In the last hour both Edmonton and Calgary were only at -10C while Kemptville was 24C. Numerous serious accidents were reported over the weekend on Highway 2 between Calgary and Edmonton.

In the Mid Atlantic US it was rain and tornadoes. Over 6 inches in parts of Virginia with major flooding. There were reports of tornadoes as well.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring warmth arrives in Ontario/Quebec
Massive winter storm to take shape in Prairies

Ah spring has sprung. It was 23C in Kemptville yesterday. It always comes as a surprise to me when we finally break free of winter. I never thought the massive piles of snow would ever melt, and they have trickled to but a few in places. With the exception of the Kemptville Mall pile, which looks like it might be around till July. This weekend looks ideal for outdoor activities, sunshine with just passing clouds, and very warm temperatures in the mid twenties. The warm and dry weather will give everybody a chance to clean up from this nearly record breaking winter, and from the receding flood waters in the Rideau basin. The warm weather will continue into next week, but it will become cloudy with showers.

I wish I could say the same for the entire country, but alas it is Canada. After record highs close to 30C last week, the prairies are in for an April shock. A massive late season storm will lift out of the Pacific and into Montana and Saskatchewan on the weekend. After temperatures in the teens today, a strong push of moisture and increasingly cold northerly winds will develop. Rain will change to snow in Alberta then Saskatchewan, and could accumulate in excess of 30cm. Near blizzard conditions are expected by late Sunday and Monday.
Read about that here...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Flooding continues on
the Kemptville Creek

I took these photos today in the Town of Kemptville as flooding continues to affect many parts of the region with water levels at or above flood stage on the Kemptville Creek. Water has spilled on to several area roads and parks. Along the Rideau River the same is occurring with some road closures such as Dillworth. The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority maintains a Flood Warning for the Rideau and its tributaries. Water levels are expected to continue rising into the weekend in response to the rapid snow melt. In addition a major storm is poised to affect the area beginning Friday with the potential for rain, snow and freezing rain. In all about 25mm of precipitation or one inch will affect the watershed. This will only increase the flood risk. Flows are fast as well and you are advised to use caution near any waterways.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Curry Park in Kemptville today
Chris Hofley Photo

Flooding continues....
The very mild weather and flooding will continue across the region tonight and Wednesday. Water levels have been creeping out of the Kemptville Creek all day and have flooded Curry Park. There is still plenty of snow to melt and lots of ice to break up in the Rideau system. A flood warning remains posted by the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority. In addition flooding is occurring across other districts and into New York State and Quebec.

Showers are forecast for tomorrow, with a more potent weather system by weeks end that could bring significant precipitation.

A major outbreak of severe weather is expected across the southern US tomorrow. Numerous tornadoes and thunderstorms are expected. More details at
Flood Warning Posted for Rideau

The region is under a Flood Warning as posted by the Rideau River Conservation Authority. Recent days of melting has shrunk our snowpack by half in less than a week. This combined with some rain has increased water levels along the Rideau and its tributaries including the Kemptville Creek. The water is flowing fast and is expected to rise into the weekend to 1:5 year levels and possibly approach 1:10 year levels. Flooding is expected now in areas immediately adjacent to the waterways in places like Ottawa South and Richmond, as well as Beckett's Landing. The authority recommends that you take actions now to prevent damage to personal property. The link on the left provides information on current advisories and much more information. Or click below...


I apologize for the lack of entries lately. I am still here but events in my life are conspiring to limit my computer time. The links and weather information along the left are always current. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dense FOG and high winds...

Dense fog is blanketing the region this morning as very mild air rides over the surface of our thick snow pack. As the winds increase later this morning from the southwest, the fog should begin to burn off. The culprit for our mild rainy weather is low pressure over Lake Huron. The storm will move into central Quebec today dragging a cold front across the area. Winds will become very strong today with gusts to 80km/h possible. There may even be a rumble of thunder along the cold front. A WIND WARNING has been posted for the US side of the St. Lawrence Valley. They may be extended to our region later today.