Friday, July 31, 2009

Weekend Forecast

A few light showers are around this morning in Montreal with the bulk of the moisture remaining south of the border in Vermont and New York. Some areas there could see over 25mm of rain today adding to the heavy rain from Wednesday. Flood Watches have been posted for rivers across the central and southern part of the state.

As the month comes to an end the statistics are showing just how awful a July it was. Ottawa recorded an amazing 243mm of rain as of today, and Montreal 117mm. In Montreal measurable precipitation was recorded on 26 days this month including the first 8 days. 26 out of 31 days with at least a trace of precipitation, and cloud cover as well. We had one 30C day and that was 30.3C this week on the 29th. Just terrible! Thunderstorms rattled around and we even had a tornado.

August will begin the same way. Sunny on Saturday and 28C, very nice, but then showers and thunderstorms Sunday and cooler. Next week looks unsettled with the same patter we have had all summer.

The heat is out west. Yesterday Vancouver hit 34C for the second day in a row, and parts of the B.C. interior were close to 40C, actual air temperature. Now that is summer!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Humid with Thunderstorms

A very warm and humid air mass remains in place over Montreal this morning. Overnight the temperature remained very warm, only dropping from yesterday's high of 29C down to around 25C at 1am when nocturnal thunderstorms rattled the city. The sultry air remained after the storms and the temperature only lowered to 21C. We are at 23C and should warm to 28C with a humidex of 36C today. This will be combined with afternoon showers and thunderstorms as a cold front arrives from Ontario. Some of the storms could produce very heavy rain again so be aware of that on area roads. The other night the Metropolitan (Highway 40) service road at L'Acadie flooded once again trapping several cars, so my advice it to steer clear of the area today if more storms occur.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Warm & humid weather

Thunderstorms develop in the warm and humid air (27C and 82% RH) in Plattsburgh, N.Y. yesterday.

The air is saturated across southwest Quebec and eastern Ontario this morning. Dense fog is reported in many locations, reducing visibilities to less than 1km locally. That should burn off slowly, allowing the sun to begin mixing the air. A front will slide across the region later today triggering more showers and thunderstorms. The biggest threat from these storms will be the same as yesterday, heavy rain. Thankfully the storms were quick moving in most locations yesterday, so rainfall amounts were limited and flooding was kept down. Still, radar estimates show between 15-25mm across upstate New York in a very short period of time and observations from the South Shore here in Montreal show amounts up and over 40mm, Montreal (Dorval) recorded 19mm. The rain produced flooding along Highway 15 south of Montreal, and one lane remains closed this morning.

This weather pattern will be in place most of the week before a dryer and slightly cooler air mass moves in for next weekend. With any luck we may actually have a dry and sunny weekend to start August. We will then say goodbye to one of the coolest, dullest and rainiest July's on record!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Severe Thunderstorms

Heavy rain bubbles out of the sewers today in Plattsburgh, N.Y.

SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH in effect for Montreal and southwest Quebec.
It was another wild weather day across northern New York and southern Quebec today. Severe thunderstorms have been occurring all day, with very heavy rain. Radar is showing an intense line of thunderstorms with spectacular lightning moving into the Montreal area at this hour. The storms are moving northeast at 40km/h. I am watching the lightning to the southwest and it is illuminating the entire sky at a frequency of at least one flash every 30 seconds.

Today, the heavy rain and thunderstorms played with the sun all day, rain one minute, sun the next. Some areas had over an inch of rain in a very short period, with flooding reported south of Montreal and in upstate New York. I was in Plattsburgh, N.Y., and the rain was so heavy at times that sewers could not handle the flow. The warm, humid and unstable weather will continue well into this week with temperatures over 27C, with the risk of storms each day.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Weekend Forecast

Low pressure west of us over the Great Lakes, and east of Montreal along the Atlantic coast will combine to keep low clouds, showers and muggy weather across the area all weekend. It will not be a total washout. There will be some sunny breaks, but that is about it. Temperatures will warm to around 26C.

The heavy rain has remained south and east of Quebec in New England, where tropical moisture has prompted flood advisories for southern New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. Over 100mm of rain is possible in some locations. West of our region the Great Lakes low is producing thunderstorms which may edge into our region today.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Same old story

I just finished reading some forecast products from the National Weather Service in Burlington, and it looks like our current weather pattern shall remain in place. Basically what you see is what you get. More showers with thunderstorms scattered right through the weekend. There will be a period of heavier rain overnight tonight as low pressure moves down the St. Lawrence Valley. The air will remain muggy, moist and unstable. Any sunshine will be limited. Low pressure over the lakes and high pressure off the Atlantic coast is funneling deep tropical moisture north into our area. Parts of Maine and Nova Scotia had 50-60mm or rain yesterday. Many areas of Ontario have had over 30mm and we can expect similar amounts in our region over the next couple of days. Temperatures will be between 20 and 26C depending on how much cloud cover is present. It will vary by region and time of day.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tropical moisture streams north

High pressure over Bermuda is blocking weather systems from moving east creating a flow of tropical moisture flowing into the northeastern US and Canada. Heavy rain warnings have been posted for Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The threat for heavy showers and thunderstorms is present for Montreal and eastern Ontario as well right through the weekend. The pattern shows no signs of breaking down right into next week as our dismal summer continues. It will be warm and muggy and there is the chance for numerous sunny breaks, but it won't be that perfect summer weather we are all waiting for. This month so far the area has had less than 50% of the normal hours of sunshine. Montreal has recorded around 130 hours of sunshine, well below the average of over 270.

That tropical moisture will also affect New England where flooding concerns are very real for the next few days. The system of concern in the Atlantic will be watched for further development over the weekend.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer weather on tap

It won't be perfect, but it will be summery. A couple of fronts and low pressure anchored in the Ohio Valley will provide the area of eastern Ontario and southwestern Quebec with warm and humid weather right into the weekend. Today looks like another warm and sunny day, followed by an increased threat of showers and thunderstorms tonight. The balance of the week will see a typical summer patter with temperatures near 25 or 27C during the day and 17 to 19C at night. Any daytime heating will result in afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms, a 50 or 60% threat right through the weekend. It will not be a washout, and there will be periods of extended sunshine, but the muggy weather will mean the threat of showers is possible at any time. Seems like the best we can do this summer, so enjoy it, just keep an umbrella nearby!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Muggy weather

The recent windy and stormy weather deposited this unmanned sailboat on our property Sunday morning. No word on how long it has been drifting in the Seaway, or who the owner is.

Today will be sunny, warm and DRY. The rest of the week will be warm and humid with lots of showers and thunderstorms around right into the upcoming weekend. Temperatures will warm to close to 27C each day with humidex readings over 30C. A little more summery but sadly showery as well.

Both Saskatchewan and southern Alberta were hot and stormy over the weekend with temperatures approaching a sultry 40C in places and reports of hail and funnel clouds as well. Forest fires continue to rage in the hot weather in interior British Columbia.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Weekend Forecast

Yesterday turned out to be a fair day despite the threat of thunderstorms. Most of the severe weather remained in Ontario or passed southwest of the island of Montreal in the Valleyfield region. Both Ormstown and Hemmingford recorded 2cm hail, while 53mm of rain fell near St. Jovite. Today is very similar to Thursday, it is warm and muggy with the ever present risk of storms, however the radar at this hour looks clear. Tonight, low pressure will move across the region with rain and thunderstorms. Skies will begin to clear late Saturday, Sunday and into early next week should be decent with a warming trend.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Showers and storms

Low pressure moving east from the Prairies will bring another round of wet weather today and well into this upcoming weekend across our region. Expect showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. There will be breaks of sunshine today and again Friday and possibly Sunday behind the front.

Saturday at this time looks like a washout with 15-25mm of rain in Montreal and the Ottawa area. The good news is that next week looks much better with a round of summer weather on the way. High pressure building into the Prairies today will move east and off the Atlantic coast next week. The return flow will bring much warmer and dryer weather to our region.

Speaking of the Prairies, it is only 5C this morning in Regina. But they are forecasting a high of 20C and into the 30's over the weekend.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Brilliant Sunshine

Today will be the best day of the week before low pressure from the prairies invades the region with more rain and thunderstorms. Yesterday, Montreal only reached 18C, well below the normal of 28C for July 14. Under the bright July sun, we should reach 25C today. The balance of the week sadly will be showery and cool again with another rainy summer weekend on tap. I have lost count but I think that makes...most of them. Let's hope August has some redeeming qualities.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More rain

Is there sunshine and heat at the end of the rainbow?

Sadly more rain today as our year without a summer moves along. We have recorded 88mm of rain to July 13 in Montreal and an average temperature of only 23C, well below the normal of 27C for this time of year. Only one 30C day has been observed. The showers, thunderstorms and clouds will continue this week, with only tomorrow being sunny all day. Yesterday more storms rolled through the metro area with hail here on the West Island and over 11mm or rain in less than an hour.

This morning I took the photo above at 6:30am of a rainbow over Montreal. Maybe it is a sign of changes to come. Stay tuned!

Monday, July 13, 2009

More heavy thunderstorms

A Severe Thunderstorm Watch is in effect for Metro Montreal. Storms with torrential rain, pea size hail and lightning are moving into the area from the west and will continue this afternoon. Stay tuned and check the updates on the left.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

F-1 Tornado in Quebec

"It was a wild weather day yesterday. I have had over 300 hits this weekend alone on my blog. Thank you so much for coming here for your weather information. It means so much to me" ...SB

Environment Canada has confirmed that the damage caused in Boisbriand and St-Eustache last night was from an F-1 Tornado on the Fujita Scale. Kudos to Environment Canada for handling the warnings last night, and for getting a team on the ground today. Tonight more thunderstorms are developing in Eastern Ontario and moving east. They are very weak and will only produce rain and some lightning. They should affect Montreal after 9pm.

Here is the official statement from Environment Canada:

AWCN40 CWUL 121734 Summary of significant weather events for the province of Québec issued by Environment Canada Montréal, Sunday, 12 July 2009....

Confirmed tornado... Severe thunderstorms moved across the Upper Laurentians between 07:00 PM and 08:00 PM Saturday evening July 11 2009. According to reports from voluntary observers and the Mirabel airport, a funnel cloud touching the ground was seen under the base of the clouds and several damages have been reported in St-Eustache and Boisbriand. An expert from Environment Canada was sent on site this morning, Sunday. He noticed many uprooted trees along a well defined corridor. Some of them had fallen over houses, causing indirect damages. Minor damages on some roofs have also been reported. According to the witnesses and the position of the debris, the expert determined that the tornado was a weak F1 category, with winds of about 120 km/h. Please note that this summary contains the observations available at broadcast time but does not constitute an official and final report of the weather events.

Possible Tornado

Mother Nature shows off her skills, dwarfing the fireworks at the Old Port in Montreal last night. (The Champlain Bridge is in the foreground).

Environment Canada will be sending a team out to St. Eustache just north of Montreal to examine damage to homes, tree and power poles in the wake of last nights severe weather. The storms produced flooding as well with 40-50mm falling in less than 1 hour.

The storms produced intense lightning as well, and I was able to rip the above stills from a video I was shooting of the fireworks at Laronde.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A little calmer

What a spectacular show tonight across the Island of Montreal. We have seen several hours of thunderstorms with intense lightning. I have a couple of photos, including one with the International Fireworks Display at Laronde and the storms competing for camera time. I will post them early tomorrow morning.

Radar is showing the last of the thunderstorm cells moving through the region and east of the city or south into New England and New York. The watches and warnings will be allowed to expire with most activity ending by midnight. Twin cold fronts produced flooding, hail, tornadoes and intense lightning across the region today. What a weather day it has been!


The tornado warning has been allowed to expire...

Heavy rain, thunder and fierce lightning continue across Montreal. I will post pictures after. The severe weather will continue for another two hours. Warnings remain in effect.


Environment Canada has issued a Tornado Warning for Montreal the north shore including St. Eustache, Vaudreiul, as well as the South Shore effective until 9pm. A trained spotter has reported a tornado and funnel cloud near Mirabel. This cluster of storms is indicating a hook echo on radar and is moving southeast towards Montreal Island.

TORNADO WARNING: Metro Montréal - Laval Issued at 8:13 PM EDT SATURDAY 11 JULY 2009


Severe Weather Update

Fire and public security tend to flooding along the lake shore in Lachine around 3pm today.
**Double click on the photos to see a close up of just how intense the rain was.

A line of thunderstorms swept across the Island of Montreal today with torrential rains. An estimated 30mm and more locally fell in less than 1 hour across the western and central parts of the Island. Flooding occurred in many areas including the photos I took from Lachine (above) along the St. Lawrence River. The heavy rain was accompanied by lightning and winds approaching 50km/h. A Severe Thunderstorm Watch remains in effect, and radar is showing a second line approaching the region from the west. It is currently affecting eastern Ontario and approaching Kemptville. These storms have less rain, but more wind and even hail. Be aware of the severe weather threat this evening, which should ease by 9pm. The storms also caused damage earlier today in Toronto and other parts of Ontario.

Ontario tornado kills 2

The remains of fishing cabins at Lac Seul, Ontario after an EF-2 tornado Thursday.

Two men from Oklahoma fishing in Lac Seul, Ontario were killed late Thursday night and a third is missing after a tornado ripped through this remote fishing camp in northern Ontario. OPP have confirmed they pulled two men from the lake while the body of the third is still missing. Environment Canada said the twister struck after 8pm Thursday night, and have confirmed it was an EF-2 tornado capable of 200km plus winds. They were the first tornado deaths in Ontario since the Barrie storm of May 31, 1985. While weak tornadoes do occur on a regular basis, (every tornado is dangerous) an EF-2 is rare in Canada. The storm was part of a larger system that has a history of severe weather from Alberta eastward and will be pressing into eastern Ontario and the Montreal area today. Environment Canada and the National Weather Service have both indicated a slight risk of severe weather in our region today. Look for thunderstorms to develop anytime after noon and produce heavy rains and hail. Be vigilant today if you are outdoors and seek shelter at the first sign of storms. Remember that the conditions are right for intense thunderstorms and this system has a history of hail, flooding rains and the tornado.

About 80 tornadoes a year form in Canada, most in Ontario and Saskatchewan, however they can develop anywhere, and the rural farm area south and east of Montreal has a history of tornadoes. Just last week a funnel cloud was observed near Cornwall. Already this morning radar is showing storms developing in the upper Ottawa Valley and a Severe Thunderstorm Watch has been posted in and around Renfrew, Algonquin, Parry Sound and the Muskokas.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Stormy Saturday

Today will be sunny and warm. Enjoy your Friday.

It looks like all the elements are present for a severe weather outbreak in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec on Saturday. A strong cold front with a powerful jet stream will be approaching from the west. Humid air will be in place, so we can expect thunderstorms to develop Saturday afternoon, first in Ontario then in our region. Heavy rain and gusty winds will be the main threat. Winds will be out of the southwest at 30-50km/h most of Saturday, with gusts to 90km/h possible in any severe weather that develops.

Sunday will clear out, be calm and a little cooler, before more showers next week. The pattern that has brought us our soggy summer shows no signs of breaking down for the next week at the very least.

More tonight on the severe weather threat as well as El Nino and the Bermuda High.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sunny finally!

The answer to yesterdays question is today. Here comes summer, for at least the next two days anyway. The entire region will be influenced by high pressure today. It will be sunny and 25C today and all the way up to 28C on Friday or 83F! Saturday and Sunday look unsettled once again, humid with showers and thunderstorms. Some clearing may occur on Sunday. Enjoy today!

This morning there is some fog across rural areas of Montreal, western Quebec and eastern Ontario. That should burn off very soon if it has not done so already.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

When will summer arrive?

I feel cheated this year, I love hot and humid weather, and summer is nowhere in sight. The rain and thunderstorms keep occurring on a daily basis. Yesterday was no exception with the mercury struggling to reach 22 or 23C and thunderstorms popping up by late afternoon. As a matter of fact at one point watches and warnings for severe thunderstorms affected most of the northeastern US, affecting over 26 million people. In Montreal lightning is suspected of causing a fire in Pierrefonds last night that destroyed a single family home.

I wish I had better news, but it looks like more of the same weather today, with a respite Thursday and Friday, sunny and 26C, and then a similar pattern developing this weekend into next week with showers and humid.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

More showers

It what has become a familiar trend this summer, low pressure will stall once again over our region with showers and thunderstorms through Wednesday. Yesterday we has some heavy downpours with isolated thunder. This morning some storms are already showing up on radar in the St. Lawrence Valley between New York and Ontario. Look for another unsettled day today with any sunshine only adding to the risk for storms. It should clear and be slightly warmer by Thursday.

Monday, July 06, 2009

50/50 weekend

I froze Saturday! I wore shorts defying the forecast, after all it is July. Well the temperature started out at 22C in Montreal, but rapidly dropped to 15C by mid-afternoon with showers, thunderstorms and gusty northwest winds. It was crazy for July, with the temperatures running over 10 degrees below normal. Sunday however turned out to be awesome, the warm July sun pushed the temperatures up to around 24C in the area with locally some reports of 27C. So all in all not bad, but sadly it will not last. Look for another cold core low to stall out over the region till at least Wednesday. Expect showers and thunderstorms today in Kemptville and Montreal, some with hail, gusty winds and heavy rain. More showers for the next two days and much cooler with highs near 20C. The good news is a warming trend is in sight from Thursday into next weekend, when we may actually see highs above 27C. Stay tuned!

Out west the severe weather continues with heavy rain in Alberta, up to 150mm may fall this week. Tornadoes and funnel clouds were reported again in Alberta and Saskatchewan over the weekend. No injuries or damage occurred.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Funnel Clouds

6pm Radar of showers and thunderstorms spinning around the upper level low, as they have been doing all week. Then activity dies down after sunset.

The core of this upper air disturbance that has been around all week is centered over southwestern Quebec this afternoon. Heavy showers with some thunder have been occurring all afternoon and will continue into this evening. The OPP received a report of a funnel cloud in Chesterville just southeast of Winchester. Expect the possibility of more weak funnel clouds this afternoon until sunset when the air should become a little more stable. Funnel clouds are dangerous if they reach the ground.

Weekend Forecast

Well, we finally have some good news! First today, Friday, looks like that stubborn area of low pressure, at least on radar, is spinning over Eastern Ontario this morning. So in one week it has moved from the Soo to Ottawa. It needless to say is a very slow system. We can expect at least another 24 hours of showers with today being very wet in Kemptville and Montreal. The rain and thunderstorms have been moving from south to north all week, they will switch from northwest to southeast today indicating that the system is finally beginning some movement. The good news is we can expect weak high pressure to clear us out late in the day Saturday, providing the region with a sunny and warm Sunday (24C). More rain is expected on Monday, but we will get to that later.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

More of the same

The same stubborn area of low pressure crawling across Ontario and Quebec will generate more showers and thunderstorms today. The risk has increased in Montreal for severe weather this afternoon, as the axis has shifted a little east. Look for them to develop anytime after lunch from Upstate NY into Eastern Ontario including Kemptville and especially western and southwestern Quebec. Heavy rain and small hail will be the main threats.

There is a risk of funnel clouds or even waterspouts near the Great Lakes.

The weekend sadly looks the same, showers and cooler, near 21C

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Thunderstorm Update

Thunderstorms move across the west end of Montreal earlier this evening. SB Pic

8:40pm UPDATE: Thunderstorms passed through Montreal in the last hour moving from south to north across the central and western part of the Island. The warnings for that storm have been dropped, and I imagine the watch will be allowed to expire shortly. Radar shows most of the activity is beginning to wane with the setting sun. Look for activity to pick up again during the afternoon on Thursday as a stubborn slow moving upper level low continues to sit across Ontario and Quebec.

Happy Canada Day Everyone...

It has been a wonderful day so far in Montreal. We reached 25C under mostly sunny skies with developing cumulus clouds and very muggy (Humidex 31C). Radar is showing heavy thunderstorms developing in Franklin and Clinton County in New York and moving north into southern Quebec. These storms will continue to develop this afternoon into this evening up until sun set and the air becomes a little more stable. The same scenario will repeat itself tomorrow. All of upstate New York is under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch and Franklin County is under a warning at this hour. These storms are producing lots of lightning, gusty winds and heavy rain. Hail has also been reported.