Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Greetings everyone....
After a long break from any type of severe weather a potent storm, that gave the major blizzard to the high plains, is moving towards Ontario. The storm will past well west of our area and bring more mild air with it. Before that happens freezing rain will develop in the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Valley this afternoon and tonight. Freezing Rain Warnings have been posted for those areas. With holiday travel and shopping on deck, you are advised to proceed with caution today.

After this storm Christmas will be quiet, our attention will turn to Boxing Day and a potential east coast snowstorm. Early indications are that this storm may move close enough to the coast to dump heavy snow on the Ohio Valley, interior New England and eastern Ontario & west Quebec. It is still early but in any event plan for winter weather driving, something we have not had in some time.

Again Merry Christmas and Be Safe!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Tree damage in Kemptville

250,000 without power
at height of Storm
What an introduction to winter and the mont of December. The powerful winter storm that swept in from the southern US dumped all kinds of precipitation on Ontario and Quebec. A major ice storm in the Ottawa and Rideau Valley's cut power to almost 250,000 homes in Ontario and Quebec. The ice, in some case nearly 25mm of it, downed scores of trees across the area and east into Montreal. The damage was quite extensive with downed power lines and snapped poles. Just a walk around my property revealed tremendous tree damages.

Roads were icy from Kemptville north with many cars in the ditch Friday and Saturday morning. I even witnessed thunder and lightning in the Seaway. The two day rain total for Kemptville was over 50mm.

Power was restored to most areas by Sunday morning. We had to close down work early Friday as a result of the storm knocking out power. If that were not enough, the ice laden trees were whipped by 70-90km/h per hour winds overnight into Saturday morning.

Further west it was heavy snow across the upper Midwest and northern plains. Cold air in the back side of the storm and flurries invaded the region yesterday and today.

Ice in Kemptville Friday...

Friday, December 01, 2006

Storm Update...

The winter storm affecting portions of Ontario and Quebec today is reaching far west and south. At 12 NOON today it is at the freezing point in Kemptville with moderate rain. It is currently snowing in Renfrew and Freezing Rain in Montreal, Cornwall and Ottawa. Road surfaces in our area appear to be ice free.

To the south severe thunderstorms with some tornadic activity have sprouted up in the warm sector of the storm across Ohio and Pennsylvania. Meanwhile Blizzard conditions prevail across the upper Midwest in Michigan and Wisconsin.

The back edge of the precipitation is moving into southwest Ontario. By the supper hour the precip should begin to taper off in Kemptville and Leeds Grenville. It will last longer in Montreal. Winds will become gusty in the St. Lawrence Valley and along Lake Ontario shoreline.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Major Storm for

The first wide spread winter storm is heading for the St Lawrence and Ottawa Valley's. A major storm will slide north from Mississippi to lie near Massena, NY tomorrow night. In the wake of today's cold front - arctic air is pushing into the valley's. As the warmer air with tomorrow's system overrides the cold air, freezing rain will develop. A Freezing Rain Warning is in effect for Kemptville, The National Capital District and most of the Ottawa Valley. Over 20mm of ice is possible with this storm. Further north, snow 10-20cm will fall with rain to the south. In all areas winds will be very strong. There is even the risk of thunderstorms along the St. Lawrence Valley.

Flooding will be possible along the Lake Shores of Erie and Ontario at the east ends of both lakes. Waves will be as high as 17 feet on the lake front.

This is a dangerous weather situation developing in our area. Stay tuned.....

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Record Highs East...
Record Cold West...

The roller coaster that is Canadian weather rolls on. We are currently between plus 16 & 18C in Eastern Ontario, Upstate NY and Quebec. Many areas have surpassed the record high for today. The same will occur tomorrow before a strong cold front and developing storm over the lower Mississippi Valley deliver us a wicked change. Rain will begin tomorrow in Ontario and spread into Quebec. As cold air moves into the area the rain will change to wet snow from north to south on Friday. Winds will increase from the northwest and temperatures will drop. There is even the risk of thunderstorms along the front.

Meanwhile in the west, mid-winter conditions prevail. Parts of BC are getting more snow today. This comes only hours after BC Hydro finished restoring power from last weekends storm that dumped 45cm in places. Temperatures across the prairies are frigid. Edmonton was -37C today beating a record that had stood since 1964. Numerous other minimum records fell across Alberta and Saskatchewan. In Saskatchewan the blizzard that raged in the southern part of the province closing many highways will lessen today. The cold will remain.

Stay tuned for more updates and any Ontario or Quebec warnings......

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Coastal Storm produces
major flooding

A powerful coastal storm off of the North Carolina Outer Banks is pounding the shore northward into New England. Warnings are out for the entire coastlines as 15-20 foot seas cause flooding and beach erosion. The waves are building in northeast winds that have gusted over 65mph. Many roads have had overwash along the immediate coast including Cedar Island and Oriental, NC

Accompanying the wind has been between 100-200mm of rain. The storm is expected to remain just offshore as it moves north towards the Canadian Maratimes. A brief period of freezing rain is expected tonight and early tomorrow across southern interior New England. Any persons traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday should listen for the most recent forecasts. It takes only a little freezing rain to make any untreated roads very dangerous. We have had little snow or ice in most of the east so far this year, so it will take a little getting used to.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

North Carolina Twister damage

Wicked weather across country

A series of fall storms has been pounding both coasts for much of the last 24 hours. The BC coast has had wind gusts over 100km/h with rainfall amounts of over 100mm. Flooding and wind damage is widespread with over 200,000 customers without hydro.

In the east it has been unseasonable thunderstorms and tornadoes. Seven people were killed from storms in North Carolina last night. Heavy rain and strong winds stretch from the Carolinas to Ontario and Quebec. Tonight heavy rain warnings are in effect for our area, Leds & Grenville Counties as we add to the over 325mm that has fallen in Kemptville since September 1.

In addition severe thunderstorms are racing across St. Lawrence County NY. To the west of the system cold air flooding south across Michigan and western Ontario is producing snow and freezing rain.

Serious flooding is occurring in New York State and Pennsylvania as the moisture latent storm continues to move northeast into Quebec tonight.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Colorado storm heads
for Ontario & Quebec

A big fall storm is heading for our area. Today is sunny and mild im most of the province, but that will not last. Strong low pressure organizing in the Midwest will deepen into a major storm as it moves down the St. Lawrence Valley. A wide range pf precipitation is expected over the weekend. Travel will be slow if not dangerous around the Great Lakes and across the Ottawa Valley and Laurentians.

In the lower elevations it will be mainly a rain event with between 50-75mm expected with precipitation begining tonight and spreading northeast towards Montreal by Saturday morning. Warnings may be posted. In the regions to the west, north and upper elevations, a slushy mix of rain and snow and eventually all snow by late Saturday could result in over 15cm of wet snow by early Sunday. On the backside of the strengthening storm winds will gust from 50-80km/h on Sunday with snow squalls and blowing snow. Be advised this will hamper travel in Ontario, Quebec, New York and Vermont.

Warnings will likely be issued later today......

Friday, October 20, 2006

Snow falls in Kemptville, Ontario today.

A strong storm moving up the Eastern Seaboard dumped heavy rain across Ontario, New York and Quebec today. On the back side of the system this afternoon cold air is filtering into the St. Lawrence Valley and Adirondacks. Snow began to fall in Kemptville at 2pm and a slushy centimetre or two is on the ground.
The snow should accumulate up to 5cm in Kemptville and up to 15cm in the Adirondacks where a Snow Advisory is in place.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Buffalo hammered
Lake Effect snow spawned by an intense Great Lakes storm has virtually shut down the Niagara and Buffalo areas. A record that has stood for 88 years tumbled in Buffalo as more than 50cm of snow fell. The same is true in Fort Erie, Ontario where over 30cm is down. The heavy wet snow has brought down power lines and trees. Travel has been suspended in parts of Western NY with schools and business closed. The are affected is very narrow including 3 counties and the area along Lake Erie from Niagara to Long Point. In addtion some squalls have moved inland over Prince Edward, Leeds and Grenville Counties in Eastern Ontario.

Warnings remain in place for the hardest hit areas of Western New York and the Lake Erie Shore on the Ontario side.

In eastern Ontario and Kemptville, flurries are in the air, only days after we were in the 20's. We had 25mm of rain in the last 24 hours. It will be windy and cool today.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

First Winter Storm of season
A strong Arctic cold front will blast the western Great Lakes this week with big changes in store for all of Ontario. The front will spawn a low pressure area over the upper part of Michigan that will become a potent fall storm. It is an early "November Witch". The storm will become intense with howling winds and heavy precipitation.

So far a Winter Storm Warning is in effect for parts of Northwest Ontario with Winter Storm Watches for the U.P. of Michigan and northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. Heavy lake effect snows are expected with close to 10 inches possible. Winds will howl over 40mph.

Windy wet weather will affect Eastern Ontario into Thursday with a cold rain and gale force winds. Over 25mm of rain will fall with dropping temperatures.

Friday, October 06, 2006

The picture says it all!!!
Beat last year by 5 days in Kemptville.

A Frost Advisory is out for upstate New York and
Southern Quebec tonight. Ontario does not issue frost warnings.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Thunderstorms in Ontario
A unseasonably warm airmass moving across the US Midwest and Ontario has produced thunderstorms. A bunch of them crossed the 416 corridor today with heavy rain and frequent lightning. More heavy rain is expected tomorrow from low pressure as it slides down the St. Lawrence Valley. Winds will gust 30-60km/h and 20-30mm of rain is expected in Ottawa, Kemptville and the Seaway.

Fog has been a problem the last couple of nights. Above is a picture of it burning off in Kemptville this past weekend.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Windy weather in the east

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of entries lately. Struggling a little with writing time. Pic above is last Sunday in Montreal. Peak gust was 76km/h.

It has been a very windy week in Ontario and Quebec. A strong front last weekend produced 70-100km/h winds in both provinces. Tree and power lines were knocked down cutting power to over 250,000 customers. While most have been connected, Hydro One is still struggling with some in the Bracebridge and Barrie area.

To make matters worse another series of fronts yesterday and today is producing some severe weather adding to the outages. Over 30mm of rain is expected from the slow moving front as it crosses the 416 corridor today and tonight.

In the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Isaac has formed. He is not threat to land at this point, but interests in the Maratimes should monitor the storm.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Thoughts of Dawson College
Helene to remain out at Sea
Hurricane Helene is now a category three storm and is expected to follow much the same path as Gordon before her. This will keep the storm largely at sea with just large swells hitting Bermuda and the east coast. It appears that the storms are on a rail right now riding around a big ridge in the Atlantic and being blocked by weather systems along the east coast of North America.

• Snow fell this past weekend in Saskatchewan & Alberta. Heavy snow fell from Banff to Jasper while 5-10cm fell in southwest Saskatchewan including Swift Current. Ah so much for summer.... and fall for that matter!

• It reached 27C today in many parts of Eastern Ontario. This warm air will be short lived as a strong cold front brings heavy rain tonight and cooler temperatures on Tuesday.

• Warning: Non weather rant......
Just a quick note on the Dawson shooting last Tuesday in Montreal. I had written a big statement about how deeply troubled and sad I was regarding the terrible events, but I never posted it. It seemed to emotional and angry. I was both, but have settled down a bit since last week. It reminded me so much of the shooting of 14 women at the University of Montreal in 1989.
I was a student and News Director at the radio station in Dawson College from 1984 to 1987.
My thoughts and prayers are with Anastasia's family, and the other victims as they recover, as well as the students, staff and faculty as they begin to return to classes this week.

I was also very proud to be a Concordia graduate. Concordia University opened its doors within seconds and provided support to all who were affected by the tragedy. We need to stop these awful events from taking place. I don't have the answers, but we should not stop talking until we find them.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Florence is heading for Newfoundland
Environment Canada has issued a Tropical Storm Warning for southeastern Newfoundland. The centre of Florence is still about 600km from the coast but gales are extending well out ahead of the hurricane. The storm is undergoing a transition to extratropical state, which is a widening of the wind field and a loss of tropical characteristics.

The storm is expected to produce battering waves along the Newfoundland and Nova Scotia Coasts along with heavy rain, over 100mm and 100km/h winds in Newfoundland.

View the latest statement from the Canadian Hurricane Centre

Monday, September 11, 2006


Frost Thunderstorms and a
Hurricane for good measure

Some of the worst thunderstorms of the season swept across the Ottawa Valley and Quebec on Friday afternoon. The intensity of them was a little bit of a surprise to me. They developed quickly in advance of a cold front. Winds were gusty, 50-100mm of rain fell, power poles were snapped and trees uprooted. Many parts of Carleton Place and portions of the City of Ottawa were left without power.

• Hurricane Florence with 80 mph is brushing Bermuda this morning. A wind gust of 79 mph was reported on the island. The storm will transfer into a very strong extratropical storm and move through Atlantic Canada waters by Wednesday. Gales and heavy rain are expected along the Avalon in Newfoundland, while Nova Scotia should have gusty winds and showers. Warnings may be needed for Newfoundland.

• Finally, frost occurred in parts of upstate New York and Eastern Ontario this morning. This is way too early for the time of year, but what can you do! The temperature was down to 5C here in Kemptville this morning, the coldest air since last spring.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Severe Thunderstorms
possible this afternoon
A strong cold front is racing across Ontario this afternoon. In advance of the front some severe weather has broken out. Warm southwest winds have driven temperatures up close to 27C. As the front presses southeast and east- storms over the Upper Ottawa Valley will begin moving south into Eastern Ontario. Some watches have been issued, they will be extended south and east over the next couple of hours. Stay alert to severe weather this afternoon.

WARNING: non weather rant....We are coming up on the anniversary of some big changes here at work; some good - some bad; and from what I understand more changes are on the way. Change is good, don't get me wrong. But we must be allowed the time to mourn the loss, appreciate the gain, if any, and adjust to the change. That just has not been the case at times lately here and in the real world.

In that thought, today is Wear Red to Support The Troops Day, and every Friday from now on. It was started by the wives and families of Canadian & American Troops over in Afghanistan and Iraq. As the 5th anniversary of 9-11 approaches, take the time to remember, understand and appreciate all the hard work the men and women of the Canadian Forces are doing overseas to protect us from further attack by the cowardly terrorists.

The images on the page today are the things that are in my thoughts for this Friday, September 8. It is a warm late summer day in Eastern Ontario with a southwest breeze, big shadows and beautiful maples turning red. I can appreciate all this because of the freedom we enjoy in North America. Remember who protects that freedom.

On the tropical front, Florence is still expected to become a hurricane later today as it approaches Bermuda. It will make a big northward sweep and could brush Newfoundland late in the forecast period. I will update this possible scenario over the weekend. There is still much uncertainty in the forecast.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Florence develops in Atlantic
Tropical Storm Ernesto's floodwaters are still receding across the Eastern Seaboard. Up to 50mm of rain fell in Kemptville and Eastern Ontario over the weekend, while upwards of 250mm flooded parts of Virginia and the Carolinas.

In his wake Tropical Storm Florence has formed in the Atlantic, 1510 kilometres east of the Antilles. The storm is forecast to become a major hurricane by this weekend with some potential to impact the east coast. It will bear watching as we are too far out in the forecast period.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Ontario/New York and New England await Ernesto
The tropical remains of Ernesto will be moving north across Lake Ontario on Saturday night. In advance of the system - strong winds will begin to affect Vermont, New York and the St. Lawrence Valley. Winds will gust from 50-80km/h in many regions and may bring down some trees or power lines. Heavy rain will overspread Ontario from Windsor to Ottawa during the afternoon and evening Saturday. Storm totals could approach 75mm in places specially south and west of Kingston. Stay tuned for more information regarding the remains of Ernesto.

Gale Warnings are in effect for Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. Flash Flood Watches have been posted for the western southern tier of New York and southern New England. They may be extended north.

Ernesto downgraded to depression
Ernesto is now a depression after slamming the Carolina Coast, moving onshore near Long Beach, NC overnight. The storm is now in eastern North Carolina dumping a tremendous amount of rain. In the last 24 hours close to 10 inches of rain has fallen in Wilmington and along the Outer Banks towards Duck. My favorite island, and for that matter many others as well; Hatteras Island, fared well in the storm. Heavy Rain did fall and winds gusted over 60mph but so far little damage is being reported. Flooding could become severe across inland areas and the coastal plain. Heavy rain is spreading north with flood watches as far north as New York State. Power is out to over 270,000 customers in North Carolina and Virginia.

The storm will move into Ontario by late Saturday with heavy rain and gusty northeast winds. Already clouds are streaming into the St. Lawrence Valley today on gusty south and east winds ahead of the low pressure area.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tropical Storm Ernesto on
the North Carolina Coast
It is almost a Hurricane and it is very close to Wilmington, North Carolina tonight. Ernesto is packing a punch. It is a vigorous tropical storm producing heavy rain and tornadoes as it moves onshore. At 8pm area observations included Kitty Hawk at 81F with heavy rain and an east wind at 17 gusting to 28 mph. Pea Island on the Outer Banks was E at 33G39 and Frying Pan Shoals southeast of Cape Hatteras was SE 39G49 knots which is close to 60mph. Waves were 15 feet. Already Wilmington has received 6.2 inches of rain. The storm will move across the state overnight and into Virginia tomorrow.
Flooding expected in Northeast
Ernesto will move towards Ontario
Tropical Storm Ernesto moved back over the Atlantic waters early this morning after crossing Florida. The storm produced heavy rain but little else in the sunshine state. Tropical Storm Warnings are in effect from Georgia north toward the Outer Banks of North Carolina. In addition flood watches have been posted for all of the southeast & mid-Atlantic states and may be extended into New York and Pennsylvania.

A Special Weather Statement has been issued for Ontario. The tropical remains of Ernesto will move into Ontario near Lake Erie on Saturday. Heavy Rain from 40-60mm along with gusty winds will occur throughout the weekend. Heavy Rain Warnings may be needed.

KATRINA: I watched a show on Hurricane Katrina last night on the Discovery Channel. It was very well done. Even one year later, and after tracking storms for over 25 years, I have a problem in dealing with the enormity of the disaster. One thing that has not changed in the year is the stupidity of politician's. I don't like to get political, I stick with the weather, but bureaucracy is an amazing thing. Take one of the strongest storms ever to strike the planet, stir in lots of water and sprinkle with stupidity, you get the idea. No one knows for certain how many of the deaths were needless, we may never know. People waited for days while politicians congratulated each other on the "flawless evacuation plan" and the "great progress of the recovery." One year later many neighborhoods are still waiting for a plan, still waiting for the storm to pass.

One thing is for certain, there were and continue to be many heroes who made and continue to make a difference. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things along the Gulf Coast.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

5pm Ernesto Update
Tropical Storm Ernesto has yet to intensify although the storm appears more organized on radar. The storm will move northeast across Florida into tomorrow before making a second landfall in the Carolinas.

Computer models bring the storm inland across the Appalachians and into southern Ontario this weekend. Our area will see heavy rain Saturday and Sunday. Stay tuned.... the threat for flooding across the Northeast and Ontario is very real.

The immediate future of the storm has it dumping heavy flooding rains across Florida. Up to 10 inches of rain may fall. The waves will be pounding the coast from Florida to The Outer Banks with some beach erosion.
Ernesto back over water
Tropical Storm Ernesto has emerged off the Cuban coast just south of Key West - Florida. The storm is expected to move northwesterly at about 12-14mph today and should begin to affect south Florida by mid-day. It will move across the central Keys and across the state towards Jacksonville before moving back over the Atlantic waters by tomorrow. At present a Tropical Storm Warning and Hurricane Watch are in effect from Bonita Beach and New Smyrna Beach south along both Florida Coasts. Ernesto may still become a Hurricane before landfall.

Once over the Atlantic after hitting Florida the center will make a second US Landfall near the North/South Carolina border, further west than initial runs. It is also expected to become a significant weather event for the eastern Great Lakes. Stay tuned to that for this upcoming weekend. Next update later this afternoon......

Monday, August 28, 2006

Ernesto over Cuba
Tropical Storm Ernesto the first storm to have reached hurricane status in the 2006 season has moved inland over Cuba tonight. The storm has been erratic and difficult to forecast. Early forecasts had the storm as a major hurricane affecting the Gulf Coast region. It now appears the storm may affect Florida as a tropical storm before moving up into the Carolina and Mid-Atlantic states. The storm reached hurricane status for a time late Saturday into Sunday morning. It will affect the US on the anniversary of Katrina. I am hoping and praying it stays away from Hatteras Island. I have vacationed there over the last 15 years and hope Avon and the surrounding villages are spared. It will be close call according to the computer models.

As of 8pm a Hurricane Watch and Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for the Florida east and southwest coasts. All interests in the southeast US should monitor the progress of the storm. The models are mixed with the storm affecting areas from Cuba to Maine a possibility. Updates can be found at

I will keep a close eye on the system over the upcoming hours. Another update will be posted early tomorrow morning.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Debby lost in the Atlantic
TD#5 to become Ernesto
Tropical storm Debby continues to meader across the open waters of the Atlantic about 1250 miles northwest of the Cape Verde Islands. At present the storm posses no threat to land. In the meantime Tropical Depression 5 continues to strengthen and should become Tropical Storm Ernesto today. This storm bears watching as it moves across the Caribbean south of Puerto Rico. The storm may not survive the next 72 hours, but if it does it will move into a more favorable environment in the Gulf of Mexico. Please visit Jim at for updates.

Our weekend weather should be cool with showers Saturday. August continues to be a disappointment with very cool weather the last week or so. Summer is too short to give up three weekends in the month to "fall like" weather. Lets hope September is warmer. Despite the 11C (51F) start today and the cloud cover I am wearing shorts to work. Why? Because it is August......

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

TD #4 forms in Eastern Atlantic

Tropical Depression number 4 has formed in the far Eastern Atlantic, 150 miles south of the Cape Verde Islands. The storm is in a very favorable area for development and should become Tropical Storm Debby by later today. It is forecast to continue to slowly strengthen as it moves westward. It is too early in the period to tell if it will affect the east coast of North America. However the Caribbean and Gulf Coasts are fine this system is too far north at this time.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Quiet Weather
Hey folks, sorry for the lack of input as of late, but it has been exceptionally quiet both in the tropics and in North Grenville. Yesterday was breezy and cool, almost fall like in Eastern Ontario and west Quebec. About 10-12mm of drizzle and showers fell with cool temps of around 17-20C. It was a far cry from Saturday's reading of 30C plus with humidex values in the 34 range. August has been fairly quiet from a thunderstorm point since the outbreak at the beginning of the month. This week will be cool in Kemptville and Montreal with on and off showers Tuesday and again Thursday.

• Hurricane forecasters are watching a disturbed area of thunderstorms south of the Cape Verde Islands for possible development.

• A severe weather outbreakoccurredd yesterday in the high plains from Colorado up to Manitoba. Here is some neat video of the storms. Hail and a tornado were reported also in southern Manitoba.

The shot below was taken at the 49th Annual Stowe Car Show last week. It was an awesome weekend.....can't wait till the 50th!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Awesome weekend in the east
Well the weather has finally calmed a little in Ontario. This weekend will be excellent from Toronto to Montreal and Ottawa. Very low humidity, cool nights and warm seasonable days. This weather will extend into New York and New England.

• Heavy thunderstorms with hail are occurring in Saskatchewan and Alberta, warnings are out for those areas. The most convection is occuring north of the Trans Canada this morning, however most of the south can expect a round of storms before much cooler air moves in on Saturday.

• Environment Canada confirmed that 8 tornadoes occurred in the province last Wednesday, August 2 including two F-2 storms. It was the worst outbreak since the Barrie twisters in 1985. No deaths were reported but power was out to over 150,00 and damage is in the millions. So far this season 17 tornadoes have occurred, 3 more than all of last season in the province.

Friday, August 04, 2006

What a week!

I must confess I don't know where to start. It has been quite a busy week in the weather department across North America. Fierce thunderstorms, scorching heat and a tropical storm for good measure.

Well I will start with the home front. Kemptville hit 38C on Monday. That was the warmest I have ever recorded on my thermometer. It was just shy of the official high of 36C in Ottawa 30 minutes north of us. Add the humidity and the humidex was off the charts close to 50C in places. Sweating was not an option.

The heatwave, at least in Kemptville, came to an end late Wednesday with a line of thunderstorms that was far worse in other locations. We had gusty winds and some rain. Lanark County to our west was under a tornado warning. An F-1 tornado touched down in the small village of Combermere south of Barry's Bay with extensive damage.

The previous night storms pounded Montreal leaving more than 500,000 people without power and killing 2. One motorist was killed when a tree fell on his car in the Cote Des Neiges district. Many are still in the dark. Though it is cooler, it is still near 30C, without a/c this can prove uncomfortable. Hydro Quebec estimates the power to return over the weekend. Over 400 crews, some called back from vacation, have been working on the downed power lines and poles. Over 100mm of rain fell in Montreal during Tuesday and Wednesdays storms. 150,000 have no power in Ontario.

Tropical Strom Chris has now been downgraded to a depression and is meandering through the Caribbean Sea heading for the Bahamas. It may regain tropical storm strength as it heads into the Gulf Of Mexico.

Elsewhere the east coast of the US has been under extreme heat alerts as incredible heat and humidity dominate. New York's La Guardia Airport was over 100F three days in a row with overnight lows only in the 80's. Utilities in both New York and Ontario were advising people to conserve, fearing brown outs. Gov Pataki even opened state parks for free so people could cool off by the water. The heat is blamed for hundreds of deaths.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Heatwave heads north and east

The heatwave that has held the US in most of its grip for the last month will spread northeast into New York, New England, Ontario and Quebec. Excessive Heat Warnings are in effect along the east coast from New York south. High Heat and Humidity Warnings are in effect for most Metro areas in eastern Ontario and Quebec.

Expect hihgs on Tuesday and Wednesday to be between 33C and 37C or very close to 100F in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Watertown, Rochester, Syracuse and Ogdensburg. Factor in the humidity and it will fell like 42-45C.

Drink plenty of water and avoid heavy outdoor activity tomorrow and Wednesday. Some relief will move in to northern areas late Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Very warm and muggy today we are currently at 29C in Kemptville but the humidex feels like 37C.

Yesterday's rain totals from 4 different thunderstorms:
Morrisburg 67mm
Kemptville 60mm
Ottawa 32mm
Winchester 23.8mm

Below is a scene repeated across some areas of Eastern Ontario as Hydro 1 crews work on lines.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Storms, storms and more storms
The "bubble" that has been protecting Kemptville from any big thunderstorms this summer let go last night. It took a very week cold front moving into marginally warm air that would trigger our first round of storms around 3:00 am. The storms produced spectacular lightning and about 2-3mm of rain. Sporatic power outages occured.

This would set the stage for more severe weather today. At least three separate lines of storms crossed the Rideau Valley heading south. In all over 50mm of rain fell this afternoon in both my rain gauges. There was ponding of water in many areas but no damage was reported. Lights flickered all afternoon and power was disrupted in some areas.

More storms are expected on Thursday across Eastern Ontario in the warm and humid air as highs approach 30C.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Tropical Storm Beryl
heads for Nova Scotia

• The northern edge of Beryl is beginning to affect the southern coast of Nova Scotia as well as New Brunswick. Forecasters are expecting the storm to dump over 50mm of rain in the area along with gusty winds. This is the second named storm of the young Atlantic Hurricane season, we had 5 at this time last season. The storm will rapidly lose its tropical nature as it moves northeast into the Atlantic Ocean.

Beryl brushed across Eastern Massachusettses with rain and wind but nothing more than that last night.

• It was hot this week in Kemptville. I recorded a max temperatures of 36C on Monday. The official reading was 33C at the MNR building.

• Hydro workers in Ontario continue to restore power to the more than 100,000 customers that lost it from Lake Superior to the Quebec border on Monday. The thunderstorms lashed the area with 100km/h plus winds and heavy rain. Two tornadoes were reported in New Market and numerous trees, some as old as 100 years, were flattened on Manitoulin Island. One death was reported from Monday's storms in Ontario.

• Glasgow, Montana did not reach 90F on Wednesday marking the first day since July 4 that it failed to do that. It was the 5th longest stretch of 90 degree plus weather since records began. The area along with most of western Canada and the Pacific Northwest will remain under intense heat again this week with temperatures approaching 100F (37C) in many areas.

• The Kemptville "bubble" remained in place last night. While many areas continue to see thunderstorms, parts of the Highway 43 corridor from Merrickville to Kemptville continue to miss out. The storms part as they approach the area going north into Ottawa or south into New York State.

Monday, July 17, 2006

High heat - smog and humidity
The weather in the east has become extremely hot and humid. A smog warning is in effect for most of southern Ontario. Very poor air quality has also resulted in an Air Stagnation Advisory for the northern counties of New York State. A High Heat and Humidity Warning has been posted for southwest Quebec.
As of 4pm, Kemptville had reached 32C with a Humidex value in the dangerous range at 42C. Brockville had a reading of 43C to be the highest in the province. Montreal was at 32C. A Severe Thunderstorm Watch is now in effect for most of eastern Ontario. Heavy Thunderstorms are possible in the tropical air through tonight as a cold front presses east.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Viva l'Italia
...siamo fieri di voi senso andare l'Italia

Friday, July 07, 2006

Hot weather returns
Big changes in the east are expected over the next several days as very warm humid air streaks into Ontario and Quebec. Temperatures will be from 27-30C right into next weekend. A few thunderstorms are expected as well. It has been a wild stretch of weather lately. Severe thunderstorms in Ontario this week caused flooding and toppled some trees. The Kemptville area was spared for the most part with the exception of a strong storm late Tuesday that brushed the area. The winds were strong enough to tear branches from some trees and the parting storm left a rainbow behind(above).

In addition to the storms in Ontario, two confirmed F-1 tornadoes were reported in New Brunswick. Today smoke from the forest fires in the northern Prairies and Rockies is drifting east into the eastern part of the country. Satellite images show the smoke stretching up and down the eastern coast.

The photo below is one I took on Friday, May 26, 2006 on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It is a lightning strike illuminating Pamlico Sound near Avon, North Carolina.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Severe Weather likely today in Kemptville

This has just been issued by Environment Canada......

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Death toll at 9 in east coast floods
Two more deaths were added to the growing total from severe flooding from the Carolinas to Ontario. The latest flood deaths were along a stretch of I-88 near Binghampton, NY. Yesterdays rains amounted to several more inches in the water logged northeast. In Kemptville 25mm fell, most of that in an afternoon deluge. Over 65mm fell in the Gatineau Hills and across the Laurentians.

More thunderstorms are developing this afternoon with the threat of more heavy rain a reality.
Flood warnings and watches remain in effect for portions of New England the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tropical Rains continue along Atlantic Seaboard...

The heavy tropical rains that have inundated the US East Coast are now spreading into Ontario and Quebec. Heavy rain with embedded thunderstorms are lining up across eastern Ontario at this hour. The area can expect up to 50mm of rain this afternoon and tonight.

More is on the way.....the rain has flood watches and warning stretching from southern Quebec into Georgia. The DC area was hit hard yesterday with close to a foot of rain. Roads were washed away, trees toppled and basements flooded. The National Weather Service will be investigating low pressure southeast of the Outer Banks that could become a tropical depression at anytime. it will continue the endless southeast flow of warm and moist air into the Appalachians and eastern Canada.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Post-Tropical Alberto
batters Nova Scotia

Here is the latest update from Environment Canada....

WOCN31 CWHX 151800
Post-tropical storm Alberto information statement issued by the canadian hurricane centre of Environment Canada at 3.00 PM ADT Thursday 15 June 2006.
The next statement will be issued by 9.00 PM ADT
... The intense storm that formed from Alberto batters Nova Scotia...

1. Current position, strength, central pressure and motion
At 3.00 PM ADT... Post-tropical storm Alberto was located near Latitude 42.6 N and longitude 63.9 W... About 120 nautical miles Or 220 km southeast of Yarmouth. Maximum sustained winds are Estimated at 55 knots... 102 km/h... And central pressure at 970 MB. Alberto is moving east northeast at 25 knots... 46 km/h.

2. Forecast position, central pressure and strength
Date time lat lon MSLP Max wind
ADT MB kts kmh
Jun 15 3.00 PM 42.6N 63.9W 970 55 102 post-tropical
Jun 16 3.00 AM 45.4N 57.8W 976 55 102 post-tropical
Jun 16 3.00 PM 48.6N 51.8W 986 45 83 post-tropical
Jun 17 3.00 AM 52.0N 42.3W 990 40 74 post-tropical

3. Public weather impacts and warnings summary Heavy rain and storm force winds continue buffeting portions of Nova Scotia as the storm system passes by south of the province.
Rainfall accumulations in excess of 10 mm per hour were reported Over western Nova Scotia this morning while winds along the atlantic coast of western Nova Scotia were gusting to more than 100 km/h.
The atlantic storm prediction centre is maintaining wind and heavy rain warnings for portions of Nova Scotia and will be issuing a wind warning for portions of southern Newfoundland. Details can be found in the bulletins issued by the atlantic storm prediction centre.

4. Marine weather impacts and warnings summary The atlantic storm prediction centre is maintaining storm and gale warnings for many maritime and Newfoundland marine areas and will Be extending the storm warnings to areas south of Newfoundland.
Details can be found in the bulletins issued by the atlantic storm prediction centre.

5. Technical discussion
A. Analysis
For continuity we are continuing to refer to this storm as post- tropical Alberto however it has no tropical chartacteristics left when looking at the satellite signature. It is simply a mature extratropical cyclone. The fact that it is this deep in June is Quite rare and likely owes its strength... In part... To the ripe ingredients that it ingested from Alberto overnight.
The storm continues deepening this afternoon with a central pressure In the low 970S at forecast time. The gem initialized too high...
As did other models... However all models recognize that an intense low is in maritime waters.
Dry air has wrapped around the low and significant convection has been evident for many hours just north of the low. Lightning continues being reported west of the low centre over the marine district.
B. Prognostic
The gem regional appears reasonable regarding the track and pressure Tendency for central pressure... Apart from initializing too high.
Between a good satellite and marine data fix on the low centre at 15Z and the gem prog we are content to maintain a similar track to what we issued earlier.
C. Public weather
Nova Scotia rainfall totals up to 17Z include 41 mm at Lunenburg and Western Head.. And 38 mm at Yarmouth. The strongest coastal winds Reported have been peak winds of 119 km/h at Baccaro Point...
Marginal hurricane force. We expect that 40-60 mm rainfall totals will have occurred by the time that this system is in the books.
D. Marine weather
Storm force winds at the Georges Bank buoy were reported well behind the storm so it continues deepening. Wave heights also reached 7 m At that location before they started dropping. A very tight gradient behind the storm is being exaccerbated by strong isallobarics so storm force winds should be expected both ahead of and behind this system for at least the next 12 hours.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tropical Depression
Alberto hits Carolinas

The storm that was Alberto continues to hit the Tar Heal State with heavy rain and wind. Tornado and High Wind Warnings are in effect for the Outer Banks and most of Eastern North Carolina. Heavy flooding is being reported in parts of the state as over 8 inches of rain has fallen. The storm will move back out over the Atlantic tonight and will affect the Maratimes later tomorrow and Friday.

An update on the conditions expected in Canada follows from Environment Canada......

Post-tropical storm Alberto information statement issued by the canadian hurricane centre of Environment Canada at 3.00 PM ADT Wednesday 14 June 2006.

... Alberto now post-tropical...
Public weather impacts and warnings summary Inland warnings have not yet been issued for the Maritimes or Newfoundland...But they may be required for Thursday or Friday.
Heavy rain associated with post-tropical storm Alberto is expected To move into Nova Scotia on Thursday and Newfoundland on Friday.
While it is too early to warn of specific amounts similar storms In the past have given rainfalls in excess of 50 mm. The speed of this weather system and its proximity to the coast will play a large role in the rainfall amounts and this will continue to be monitored closely.
As in previous forecasts the current track would keep the stronger winds away from most inland regions of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland except for portions of the Avalon Peninsula on Friday.

Marine weather impacts and warnings summary Although Alberto is now a post-tropical system and has winds below gale strength it is expected that it will reintensify as a significant frontal low bringing gales through all southern waters Thursday or Friday.
Gale warnings issued by the atlantic storm prediction centre remain In effect for the Nova Scotia marine areas of Browns Bank.. Georges Bank.. Southwestern shore.. Lahave Bank.. West Scotian Slope..Eastern shore.. Sable.. East Scotian Slope.. Banquereau.. And Laurentian fan. Gale warnings will also likely be required for most southeastern Newfoundland waters on Friday.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Alberto Crosses Florida
Tropical Storm Alberto is in the process of crossing Florida this morning. The good news is that damage appears to be limited. The heavy rain has been beneficial for the state as they have been battling a series of grass fires of late. A Hurricane Warning remains in effect for the Big Bend area of the west coast of Florida, while a Tropical Storm Warning is in effect from Daytona north towards the SouthCarolina border.

On Monday fears were that the storm would rapidly increase in strength, but luckily the storm stabilized. Evacuations were ordered in the low country along the west coast. Most of the weather is located along the eastern flank of the storm and is stretching from northeast Florida along the Georgia and Carolina coasts. Winds will gust in those areas over 50mph and 3-5 inches (75-150mm) of rain is possible along the track of the storm.

Alberto will brush Canadian waters later in the week. It looks like a rain maker for Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Alberto gaining strength


The centre of Tropical Storm Alberto is a little northwest of the forecast track and is now expected to hit the big bend area of Florida before moving along the Atlantic coast towards North Carolina. All interests along the southeast and Florida coasts should continue to monitor this storm. NOAA Recon have found winds near 70mph just to the east of the center, and Alberto could become a Hurricane later today. You just never know with these storms that is why they demand so much respect.

Alberto heads for Florida
As with the 2005 season, 2006's season has started early. An area of low pressure west of Cuba has moved into the Gulf of Mexico and become the first tropical system of the seaso. Alberto is a minimal tropical storm with 50mph winds this morning. While the storm will be a big rain maker for the Florida peninsula it is not expected to reach hurricane status at this time. The storm is forecast to drift across the state today and tonight before moving into the Atlantic Tuesday. It will then take aim at the Carolinas. At this time the worst of the weather may remain offshore for the Outer Banks.

I have just returned from two weeks on Hatteras Island in Avon, NC, so I am really hoping the dire predictions for this Hurricane season do not materialize. The island is 50 miles long by 1/2 mile wide and is 25 miles from the mainland. It has a rich history of storms, most recently Ophelia in 05 and Isabel in 03.

In any event rain and gusty winds are occurring across Florida's west coast this morning. Winds have already gusted to over 60mph in squalls along the coast. A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for the west coast of the state including Tampa Bay. More info can be found at

The next update will be around 4pm today......

Friday, May 19, 2006

Flooding Spreads West
Build your Ark. No joking, the flooding rains that have been occurring in eastern New England are spreading west. Another stubborn low pressure area will move up the Atlantic Coast today spreading heavy rain, 25-50mm with embedded thunderstorms into Eastern Ontario and Northern NY. A Flood Watch is posted in the US. Some areas in our area, have had close to 2 inches of rain in the last week, 7 straight days or rain and showers!. The ground is still accepting the water, but area waterways are filling and water speeds are increasing. Keep this in mind this Holiday weekend if you plan on being in or on the water. The weekend will be a washout in Ontario and Quebec. Sorry to say.
Our first thunderstorms of the season spread north across North Grenville last night with lightning and 15mm of rain. All area parks in the City of Ottawa are closed until further notice because of the soggy ground.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Will the rain ever end?

Heavy rain continues to fall around a deep upper level low over the Great Lakes. The storm has persisted over the area since last Thursday. Since Thursday, North Grenville has had over 35mm of rain. While this seems impressive, portions of the Merrimack River Valley in New Hampshire and Mass have reported over 300mm (12 inches). The heavy rain has resulted in the worst flooding in New England in close to 70 years, since the Hurricane of 1938. One death has occured. Damage is in the millions. While the rain has lightened in New England, heavy showers and thunderstorms continue to spin around the low over Quebec and Ontario. A severe thunderstorm watch is in effect for southwestern Ontario this afternoon. No relief is expected into the weekend.

Heavy Rain in Kemptville
- Tuesday night.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Heavy Rain for Ontario....

A stubborn upper level low will rotate throughout the Great Lakes this weekend - very slowly. As a result a cold rain with embedded thunderstorms will dump 30-50mm of rain from Windsor to Montreal through Saturday. Gusty southwest winds will reach speeds of 60km/h near the Great Lakes. It will be nasty and cool along much of the eastern coastline. Further south heavy thunderstorms will stretch from Texas to the Carolinas.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Winter Weather in parts of
Saskatchewan and the Dakotas

While the east continues to enjoy what has amounted to a very early spring, (it is currently 19C in Kemptville), the west is dealing with a potent late winter storm. The system is currently in Montana sliding eastwards. It has a wide area of very heavy precipitation, that for the most part is falling as rain. However areas along the Manitoba/Saskatchewan border south of the Trans Canada and along the Montana/Dakotas border are expecting heavy wet snow. Blizzard Warnings are in effect in eastern Montana while a general Weather Warning is in effect for Southeast Saskatchewan. 100km/h winds could accompany the precipitation.

The heavy rain in the Dakotas is expected to only add to the flooding misery in the Red River Valley of North Dakota and Manitoba. The picture above shows Interstate 29 just south of Pembina and the Manitoba border.

In the east warm dry weather has lead to the issuance of a Fire Weather Watch for upstate NY. Low relative humidities combined with dry warm southwest winds may lead to a serious grass fire threat. Last week several fires were reported again in Leeds and Grenville. Be very attentive to any outdoor burning.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec
Severe Weather Outlook

This is the first of what I hope will be daily updates regarding the risk of severe thunderstorms within our area. Time and life aside, I will post these every morning and update them when severe weather is expected. Also updated US warnings and discussions are available at this link:

Today: There is a slight risk of convective thunderstorm activity around Western New York and southwest Ontario close to Lake Erie from Hamilton to Windsor. In Eastern Ontario gusty winds to 50km/h and a few sprinkles are expected with perhaps a rumble of thunder.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Thoughts on the warm weather
Snow expected tomorrow!

Greetings weatherverts, so sorry for the lack of writing these days. A couple of factors have played into this. Number 1, March was a very quiet month for weather in Ontario. The second factor is work has been unreal so the thought of more time in front of the computer has not been very appealing.

Nevertheless weather has been happening, as it always does. The Midwest US, the Southern Plains and southeast States have had a an unusually early start to severe weather season. I guess that is to match the late finish. Not much of a break. 27 people died yesterday alone.

It has been very warm of late in Ontario and Quebec. Last Friday we saw several record highs smashed in both provinces including Montreal, Ottawa and Kemptville. It was 24C in Kemptville making it one of the warmest places in the country. This was 76F folks on March 31! People were wearing shorts and hanging their arms out car windows. Restaurant terraces were filled. There is no snow left in Kmeptville. Unfortunately with the warm windy weather has come the threat of grass fires. Several have been reported in the Grenville County with numerous more across Ontario. The fire threat remains elevated across Ontario, New York and Vermont.

All good things must come to an end. Low pressure moving through Ontario today will spawn a second storm near Delmarva tonight. (See the red along the east coast above) This system will move north with moisture and at the same time colder air will sink south into upstate NY and New England. Tonight's rain will change to snow over higher elevations with 6 inches possible by Thursday. Along the valleys just a few flurries are expected at this time. It will however be windy and about 40 degrees F colder than last Friday! Stay tuned!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Winter and Spring battle

The seasons are hosting a battle with us stuck in between. Severe Weather over the weekend claimed at least five lives across the Midwest US with tornadoes from Texas to Illinois. This morning severe thunderstorms are expected as far north as Windsor and London.

A strong Colorado Low over Iowa is moving northeast towards Ontario. As the system spreads east so will a wide variety of spring and winter weather. Dense fog has developed in the Ottawa and St. Lawrence Valley's, that will quickly be replaced by heavy rain and thunderstorms as the day moves on. So for Ottawa and Montreal as well as the Seaway area, today will feature heavy rain, close to 40mm total. This will be followed by a spike in temperatures this evening up to around 12C. Overnight the cold front will approach. Strong Thunderstorms are possible along the front. Tomorrow, strong winds up to 60km/h along with dropping temperatures to below freezing and scattered snowshowers. So it will be a typical roller coaster weather event.

Weather Warnings...

Freezing Rain Warning: Upper Ottawa Valley
Severe Thunderstorm Warning: Southwest Ontario Windsor to London (may be extended east)
Dense Fog Advisory: St. Lawrence County NY
Heavy Rain Warning: Montreal south to US Border & Eastern Townships
Winter Strom Warning: Northeast Ontario

Saturday, March 04, 2006

More SNOW for Saskatchewan
What was to this point a fairly mild winter across the west is quickly becoming a cold spring. More snow and blowing snow is moving into the southwest part of the province and across Montana and North Dakota. The snow and wind will prevail for most of the day today and into tonight. A general snowfall of 10-15cm is expected with winds gusting over 50km/h. Travel will be poor on area highways.

A Winter Storm Warning is in effect for the areas north of the Number 1 up to the Yellowhead, with a Winter Weather Advisory for Northeast Montana.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Clipper system heads for Ontario

This mornings gusty winds and snow were a little bit of a surprise for me. Winds in the 30-50km/h range will slowly diminish today as high pressure briefly moves into the area. They are causing poor visibility along the 417.

The next storm is right on its heels moving into the province tomorrow before sliding south of Lake Ontario. The storm is a strong clipper and will give between 10-20cm to most of the province starting tonight and most of Saturday. Snowfall Warnings are in place from Renfrew south to Kingston and west to London. As the system passes to our south and east winds will pick up from 30-50km/h causing blowing snow again. Travel will be poor on Saturday in the 401/417/416 corridor and south along I-87 and 81.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Squalls in Kemptville today ValleyWX Photo

Strom wreaks havoc in area
The rapid freeze was historic across our area today. The temperature in Kemptville fell from 6C to -6C in less than one hour. The result was a rapid freeze that has left roads very dangerous. It is currently -12C with winds of 50km/h and a windchill of -22C. This was one of the most rapid drop in temperatures I have ever recorded.

Winds have gusted up to and over 100km/h in areas including 111km/h at Dorval, QC.

Power is out according to Hydro One and Hydro Ottawa to thousands of homes and businesses in the area.

The worst fact has been the roads. Two multiple car accidents have closed the 417 east and west of Ottawa. The crash east of Ottawa is at exit 88 involving 30 cars and according to OPP has resulted in 3 deaths.

They are reminding drivers to slow down or not travel at all.

High Wind Warnings remain in effect for the Seaway Valley.
Warnings are many east to west

Winter returns to Canada

From ice and snow in the east to arctic chill and high windchills in the Prairies, winter has returned. I spent the first hour of my day trying to scrape the large amount of ice off my wind gauges and reset my frozen thermometres. I will post some pictures when the sun comes up and I can get out. It is bad out there we have had lots of ice in the Rideau and Ottawa Valley's and it contiues to fall. it will only get worse as the temperature drops. trees, power lines and roads are coated.

It is currently near 0C (32F) in Kemptville. We have had heavy rain and freezing rain most of the night to go with the 10cm of snow that fell yesterday. A strong arctic cold front is just to our west. It should roar through the area today. The temperatures will nudge above freezing for a fleeting moment or two this morning, before plunging down to -6C by noon. A flash freeze is likely and winds will pick up from the west and northwest at 60-90km/h across all areas but especially along the St. Lawrence River and 401 corridor. (50-60MPH in New York State)

Things will settle down tonight. Of note, some snow may fall along the front and it could be near zero visibility briefly in any snow.

Expect icy roads and sidewalks safe!

Freezing Rain Warning: Montreal/Ottawa
High Wind Warning: Montreal/Upstate New York
Flash freeze Warning: All Areas.....

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Winter returns.....
A strong winter storm backed by an Arctic boundary is pressing into the St. Lawrence Valley this morning. Snow will begin shortly and spread into Montreal. Up to 10cm of snow may fall before the precipitation changes over to freezing rain. The freezing rain will last for up to 6 hours in Ottawa an Montreal.

A Freezing Rain Warning is in effect for all of Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.
A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for St. Lawrence County in New York.

Behind the storm High Winds - with gust up to 100km/h are possible along the Great Lakes and down the St. Lawrence Valley. High Wind Watches have been posted. These will likely be upgraded later today.

Temperatures: They are around -5C now in Kemptville, will slowly rise to above freezing overnight tonight and then plummet Friday to -18C by Friday night.

Out West: Windchill Warnings are in effect across all three Prairie provinces as winds and bitter cold drop readings into the -40C range, the coldest this season.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Possible storm by Thursday
in Ontario and Quebec
This is a heads up to people living in Ontario and Quebec. A developing Colorado low south of the Great Lakes is expected to move south of the St. Lawrence Valley on Friday. At this time it appears snow and freezing rain will overspread the area from southwest to northeast on Thursday, followed by strong winds and arctic cold on Friday. It is still early but a Special Weather Statement has been issued by both the US and Canadian offices.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Hanlin wins yesterday's Gatorade Duel

Big storm along the East Coast
Five days till Daytona 500.....

Sorry for the lack of entries over the past few weeks. It is that time of year where numerous distractions come my way. After Groundhog Day and between Christmas and Easter, we are in a nasty stretch that all too many Canadians no about. Even if we have had a relatively easy winter in parts, it is still winter. It has been dark, damp and dirty. The three D's as I like to call them. I can't keep my car clean for five minutes. And there are no long weekends to help us out.
Then along comes my other big interest, NASCAR to brighten the weekends up a little. I have been a fan for "pert near" 20 years. Love the sport and we are five days till Daytona.

I would be a miss if I did not mention the record storm along the east coast. It closed most airports between Philly and Maine yesterday and continues to smack the Maratimes this morning. For the most part 1-2 feet of snow fell with a whopping 26.2 inches in central Park, a new record. There have been worse storms, the Superstorm of March 1993 comes to mind, but the US media wants to play this one up, so we will say it was the deepest for now, but the 93 storm sliced into all forms of travel for days. Nevertheless it was a bad storm and I am jealous that all we received in southern Quebec and Ontario was gusty northeast winds and the northern cloud deck from the system.

The lake effect machine is on again. Snow Advisories are posted for Lewis and Jefferson Counties in New York, just south of Gannanoque. This same area received over 2 feet just last week.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Nasty Winter Storm for Ontario

A big winter storm over the southern Appalachians is forecast to move north towards Lake Erie while deepening. The storm is expected to cut the forecast area in two traveling north towards Pembroke. West and north of the storm heavy wet snow is expected. Amounts will be in the 20-30cm range. East and south of the track heavy rain is expected from Oshawa east towards Cornwall. Here from 20-50mm of rain may fall. There is a potential for minor flooding along water ways. In all areas as the low pressure continues to deepen, winds will increase to between 40-60km/h with even higher gusts on Sunday. As the storm pulls to the north, cold air will flood into the area Sunday turning all rain to snow and blowing snow. Roads in the province will become icy and visibility will be limited. The same holds true for western New York and southeast Michigan where from 6-12 inches of snow may fall. The track may vary slightly which would make a big difference in precipitation type so stay tuned.

Winter Storm Warning: Ottawa Valley, Southern Ontario, Western New York, Michigan
Heavy Rain Warning: St. Lawrence Valley

Blowing Snow Advisory: Upper Ottawa Valley in Quebec
Heavy Snow Warning: Northern Laurentians in Quebec

Friday, February 03, 2006

Winter Strom Watch........Again

Yet another mild period in Ontario & Quebec. Yet another Winter Storm Watch for the potential of a big storm late Saturday into Sunday and yet again a difficult forecast. Environment Canada has Posted a Winter Storm Watch for all the counties of southern Ontario from the Quebec border to Windsor.

A very strong 976mb storm is expected to develop and move north from Mississippi to Lake Erie by late Saturday. East of the storm track up to 40mm of rain is expected while west of the storm track 25cm of heavy wet snow. The Winter Storm watches are also in effect for New York State, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Southeast Michigan including Detroit where this weekends Super Bowl is scheduled at Ford Field.

Behind the storm for all areas Heavy Wet Snow and gusty winds over 50km/h will occur Sunday. The potential exists for heavy precipitation and damaging winds this weekend. Plan accordingly if you expect to travel anywhere in the 401 corridor or south along I-81, I-80, and I-87.

Next Update will be at 8am Saturday.....

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Phil sees shadow...more winter to come

Puxatawney Phil has risen from his burrow at 7:23ET in the sand hills of western Pennsylvania ans has predicted six more weeks of winter. We are waiting for Wiarton Willie here in Ontario.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Freezing Rain continues......

Temperatures in Eastern Ontario remain below freezing this morning. At 6am Cornwall/Massena was -2, Ottawa was -5 and Kemptville was -3. All areas are reporting freezing drizzle. Any untreated areas will be slick. SLOW DOWN. Temperatures will very slowly move above freezing by noon. The storm system will move from upper Michigan to North Bay today. Heavy snow continues on the west side of the storm, North Bay has had 39cm while Pembroke in the upper Ottawa Valley is close to 20cm. My rain gauge is frozen so I am not sure how much freezing rain and sleet has fallen in Kemptville, but the ground is covered and glazed. School Bus service for the City of Ottawa and Lanark, Leeds & Grenville, SD & G and City of Cornwall is cancelled today.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Winter weather returns
For the third weekend in a row, record highs are being followed by winter weather. Kemptville and Ottawa both broke records yesterday hitting 8C and 6C respectively. Now one of the most poorly, albeit difficult forecast weather events is unfolding. Winter Strom Warning are in effect for Eastern Ontario and Southern Quebec. Precipitation, only about 12 hours late is now falling, and will slowly spread east and north as the night moves on. Snow, from 10-20cm will fall along the Ottawa River, with less south. Freezing Rain is expected from Montreal to Brockville, with 2-6mm of ice. Travel is becoming poor and very changeable. Postpone till tomorrow if at all possible. The same is true for upstate New York and Vermont.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Roller Coaster ride moves on.....

What has become the normal pattern for the winter of 2005-06 continues across most of the country. Cold air, if any, has been short lived, for a day or two at best, punctuated by strong cold fronts that stir up the winds and snow. The photo above shows the 15cm of snow falling across North Grenville last Saturday, January 21. The day before it was 9C in Kemptville and 6C in Ottawa, record highs. Today, Tuesday, January 24, we reached 3C, but snow and gusty winds are forecast tonight. As a matter of fact Winter Strom Warnings are in effect for Jefferson and Lewis counties in New York State for up 30cm of snow, I-81 will be poor tonight and Wednesday. Same is true for the areas around Georgian Bay and Lake Huron. Eastern Ontario and west Quebec will see between 2-7cm of snow with winds between 40-60km/h and temperatures dropping by midday Wednesday.

Leftover snow from the 15cm on Saturday - ValleyWeather Pictures

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The clean up scene on County Road 43 near Hallville after
5 trucks hit the ditch during Freezing Rain this morning...
Photo Dan Reid

What a morning.....
Ice and heavy rain snarl traffic

Heavy rain and freezing rain blasted the area icing roads and causing numerous accidents in and around Ottawa and Kemptville this morning. The Queensway in Ottawa was down to one lane in many areas with ice and massive puddles the main culprit. Elsewhere the OPP closed Highway 43 at Hallville after several trucks plowed into the ditch. The roads were ice packed at the time. River Road south of the Airport was also closed by city police.

Kemptville received 38mm of rain as of 2pm, Ottawa 26mm. Half of that was frozen during the overnight period. About 7 hours of freezing rain occurred in area. The Seaway fared much better as the temperatures warmed up just after midnight limiting the freezing rain to about 3 hours.

The storm was also responsible for gusty winds, over 80km/h along the Lake Ontario shoreline. Snowsqualls are expected around Lake Huron and south into Watertown, New York. Some snow is forecast tonight along with temperatures below freezing.

Trying to keep up with the ice in Kemptville this morning.
ValleyWeather Photo