Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Record Heat

It was a steamy day across Ontario yesterday with numerous record highs recorded including the 34C in Ottawa and 35C in Kemptville. It remains hot today with heat and humidity advisories posted for all our areas. Air Quality Advisories are also posted in New York State. At noon today it is 32C in Ottawa with the highest humidex in country at 44C!

The end to the heat is upon us as a cold front cuts into our area. Our focus now shifts to severe weather with the potential for heavy thunderstorms across the entire southern half of Ontario and into the Seaway and Quebec this afternoon and evening. The main threat will be abundant rainfall in the humid air mass, over 50mm is possible. High winds and dangerous lightning are also a risk

Monday, June 25, 2007

Humidex Values near 40C Tuesday

High heat and humidity warnings are in effect for most of Ontario and southwest Quebec for Tuesday and Wednesday. A very muggy air mass from the US will invade the area. Temperatures will soar into the mid 30's with Humidex values approaching 40-45C. Drink plenty of fluids and limit outdoor activities. The very young and old are at particular risk as well as those living in large urban areas.

Thunderstorms will cool us off late Wednesday.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

An amazing photo from of the Elie tornado

Saskatchewan and Manitoba
hammered by severe weather

Environment Canada has confirmed that the tornado that touched down in the Trans Canada Highway community of Elie, Manitoba west of Winnipeg was an F-4 tornado on the Fujita Scale of 0-5. The very rare storm was intense, capable of producing winds in excess of 250km/h. Damage was severe in the town with many homes destroyed. It was a miracle that no injuries occurred. The storm was part of a series of twisters over 5, and thunderstorms that produced severe damage across both Saskatchewan and Manitoba Friday and Saturday. Golf ball size hail flattened crops while strong winds and lightning knocked down trees and left many communities in the dark.

In Ontario last weeks thunderstorms caused a house to burn down on Wednesday, just west of Kemptville on Donahue Road. Both Kemptville and Merrickville Fire Departments responded to the call. I will post pictures tomorrow.

The system that is producing the sever weather in the west will cause heat and humidity to be on the increase in Ontario and Quebec this week before another cool down by the weekend. Before that expect temperatures in the low 30's this week with thunderstorm activity on the rise.

Damage in Elie, Manitoba

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Summer

Summer arrives at 14:06 EDT today and it is the longest day of the year. The sun rose over eastern Ontario at 5:15 this morning and will set at 8:53 tonight. That will give us 15:38 minutes of daylight. Sadly the days begin to shorten from here.

According to the timing of the summer solstice depends on when the Sun reaches its farthest point north of the equator. This usually occurs annually sometime between June 20 and 22, announcing the beginning of summer. The word solstice is from the Latin solstitium, from sol (sun) and stitium (to stop), reflecting the fact that the Sun appears to stop at this time.

The weather will be partly cloudy today with a good chance of thunderstorms later this afternoon after 2pm. A cold front may trigger some severe weather as well this afternoon in eastern Ontario and Upstate New York with some small hail and gusty winds. The weekend looks sunny and seasonable on Saturday and unsettled with more thunderstorms and humid Sunday. Highs will be in the 22-26C range (72-78F) for the next 4 days.

Friday, June 08, 2007

The Thousand Islands Bridge at Hill Island in yesterday's warm front showers.

Severe Weather possible today in Ontario

Keep a weather eye on the sky today in Ottawa, Montreal and along the Seaway. There is a moderate risk of severe thunderstorm activity as a strong cold front moves into very muggy air. This morning the temperature in Kemptville rose from 12C (54F) at 6am to 22C (72F) at 8am. You could smell the warm air flooding in on southeast winds. It will reach 31C today before the cold front moves in. The front has a history of severe weather across the Great Lakes and Midwest US. Environment Canada has already posted a Watch for our area at the following link:

And from the National Weather Service Office in Vermont

The best threat will be between 3-7pm in our area. Strong winds, heavy rain and even hail are possible.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My 200th Weather post...

A series of thunderstorms swept north from upstate New York on Saturday, June 2. They created widespread damage. Above are some of the pictures taken from Iroquois, Ontario. Below is a mature thunderstorm over the St. Lawrence River Valley.

Photos Joe Morin

Tropical Strom Barry produced heavy rain up the entire East Coast. TheNASCAR race in Dover was rained out this weekend....

Severe storms this afternoon...

The unstable air mass, a stationary front and the remains of Tropical Storm Barry that have been affecting our weather for the last week will all be swept east today by a potent cold front. The air is very unstable and an afternoon of severe thunderstorms is on tap for eastern Ontario and west Quebec.

The site above has all the latest warnings. I will have an update on the weekend activity as well later today. Be safe.