Friday, February 24, 2006

Clipper system heads for Ontario

This mornings gusty winds and snow were a little bit of a surprise for me. Winds in the 30-50km/h range will slowly diminish today as high pressure briefly moves into the area. They are causing poor visibility along the 417.

The next storm is right on its heels moving into the province tomorrow before sliding south of Lake Ontario. The storm is a strong clipper and will give between 10-20cm to most of the province starting tonight and most of Saturday. Snowfall Warnings are in place from Renfrew south to Kingston and west to London. As the system passes to our south and east winds will pick up from 30-50km/h causing blowing snow again. Travel will be poor on Saturday in the 401/417/416 corridor and south along I-87 and 81.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Squalls in Kemptville today ValleyWX Photo

Strom wreaks havoc in area
The rapid freeze was historic across our area today. The temperature in Kemptville fell from 6C to -6C in less than one hour. The result was a rapid freeze that has left roads very dangerous. It is currently -12C with winds of 50km/h and a windchill of -22C. This was one of the most rapid drop in temperatures I have ever recorded.

Winds have gusted up to and over 100km/h in areas including 111km/h at Dorval, QC.

Power is out according to Hydro One and Hydro Ottawa to thousands of homes and businesses in the area.

The worst fact has been the roads. Two multiple car accidents have closed the 417 east and west of Ottawa. The crash east of Ottawa is at exit 88 involving 30 cars and according to OPP has resulted in 3 deaths.

They are reminding drivers to slow down or not travel at all.

High Wind Warnings remain in effect for the Seaway Valley.
Warnings are many east to west

Winter returns to Canada

From ice and snow in the east to arctic chill and high windchills in the Prairies, winter has returned. I spent the first hour of my day trying to scrape the large amount of ice off my wind gauges and reset my frozen thermometres. I will post some pictures when the sun comes up and I can get out. It is bad out there we have had lots of ice in the Rideau and Ottawa Valley's and it contiues to fall. it will only get worse as the temperature drops. trees, power lines and roads are coated.

It is currently near 0C (32F) in Kemptville. We have had heavy rain and freezing rain most of the night to go with the 10cm of snow that fell yesterday. A strong arctic cold front is just to our west. It should roar through the area today. The temperatures will nudge above freezing for a fleeting moment or two this morning, before plunging down to -6C by noon. A flash freeze is likely and winds will pick up from the west and northwest at 60-90km/h across all areas but especially along the St. Lawrence River and 401 corridor. (50-60MPH in New York State)

Things will settle down tonight. Of note, some snow may fall along the front and it could be near zero visibility briefly in any snow.

Expect icy roads and sidewalks safe!

Freezing Rain Warning: Montreal/Ottawa
High Wind Warning: Montreal/Upstate New York
Flash freeze Warning: All Areas.....

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Winter returns.....
A strong winter storm backed by an Arctic boundary is pressing into the St. Lawrence Valley this morning. Snow will begin shortly and spread into Montreal. Up to 10cm of snow may fall before the precipitation changes over to freezing rain. The freezing rain will last for up to 6 hours in Ottawa an Montreal.

A Freezing Rain Warning is in effect for all of Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.
A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for St. Lawrence County in New York.

Behind the storm High Winds - with gust up to 100km/h are possible along the Great Lakes and down the St. Lawrence Valley. High Wind Watches have been posted. These will likely be upgraded later today.

Temperatures: They are around -5C now in Kemptville, will slowly rise to above freezing overnight tonight and then plummet Friday to -18C by Friday night.

Out West: Windchill Warnings are in effect across all three Prairie provinces as winds and bitter cold drop readings into the -40C range, the coldest this season.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Possible storm by Thursday
in Ontario and Quebec
This is a heads up to people living in Ontario and Quebec. A developing Colorado low south of the Great Lakes is expected to move south of the St. Lawrence Valley on Friday. At this time it appears snow and freezing rain will overspread the area from southwest to northeast on Thursday, followed by strong winds and arctic cold on Friday. It is still early but a Special Weather Statement has been issued by both the US and Canadian offices.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Hanlin wins yesterday's Gatorade Duel

Big storm along the East Coast
Five days till Daytona 500.....

Sorry for the lack of entries over the past few weeks. It is that time of year where numerous distractions come my way. After Groundhog Day and between Christmas and Easter, we are in a nasty stretch that all too many Canadians no about. Even if we have had a relatively easy winter in parts, it is still winter. It has been dark, damp and dirty. The three D's as I like to call them. I can't keep my car clean for five minutes. And there are no long weekends to help us out.
Then along comes my other big interest, NASCAR to brighten the weekends up a little. I have been a fan for "pert near" 20 years. Love the sport and we are five days till Daytona.

I would be a miss if I did not mention the record storm along the east coast. It closed most airports between Philly and Maine yesterday and continues to smack the Maratimes this morning. For the most part 1-2 feet of snow fell with a whopping 26.2 inches in central Park, a new record. There have been worse storms, the Superstorm of March 1993 comes to mind, but the US media wants to play this one up, so we will say it was the deepest for now, but the 93 storm sliced into all forms of travel for days. Nevertheless it was a bad storm and I am jealous that all we received in southern Quebec and Ontario was gusty northeast winds and the northern cloud deck from the system.

The lake effect machine is on again. Snow Advisories are posted for Lewis and Jefferson Counties in New York, just south of Gannanoque. This same area received over 2 feet just last week.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Nasty Winter Storm for Ontario

A big winter storm over the southern Appalachians is forecast to move north towards Lake Erie while deepening. The storm is expected to cut the forecast area in two traveling north towards Pembroke. West and north of the storm heavy wet snow is expected. Amounts will be in the 20-30cm range. East and south of the track heavy rain is expected from Oshawa east towards Cornwall. Here from 20-50mm of rain may fall. There is a potential for minor flooding along water ways. In all areas as the low pressure continues to deepen, winds will increase to between 40-60km/h with even higher gusts on Sunday. As the storm pulls to the north, cold air will flood into the area Sunday turning all rain to snow and blowing snow. Roads in the province will become icy and visibility will be limited. The same holds true for western New York and southeast Michigan where from 6-12 inches of snow may fall. The track may vary slightly which would make a big difference in precipitation type so stay tuned.

Winter Storm Warning: Ottawa Valley, Southern Ontario, Western New York, Michigan
Heavy Rain Warning: St. Lawrence Valley

Blowing Snow Advisory: Upper Ottawa Valley in Quebec
Heavy Snow Warning: Northern Laurentians in Quebec

Friday, February 03, 2006

Winter Strom Watch........Again

Yet another mild period in Ontario & Quebec. Yet another Winter Storm Watch for the potential of a big storm late Saturday into Sunday and yet again a difficult forecast. Environment Canada has Posted a Winter Storm Watch for all the counties of southern Ontario from the Quebec border to Windsor.

A very strong 976mb storm is expected to develop and move north from Mississippi to Lake Erie by late Saturday. East of the storm track up to 40mm of rain is expected while west of the storm track 25cm of heavy wet snow. The Winter Storm watches are also in effect for New York State, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Southeast Michigan including Detroit where this weekends Super Bowl is scheduled at Ford Field.

Behind the storm for all areas Heavy Wet Snow and gusty winds over 50km/h will occur Sunday. The potential exists for heavy precipitation and damaging winds this weekend. Plan accordingly if you expect to travel anywhere in the 401 corridor or south along I-81, I-80, and I-87.

Next Update will be at 8am Saturday.....

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Phil sees shadow...more winter to come

Puxatawney Phil has risen from his burrow at 7:23ET in the sand hills of western Pennsylvania ans has predicted six more weeks of winter. We are waiting for Wiarton Willie here in Ontario.