Friday, February 29, 2008

Cold morning gives way
to snow and milder

We have just come off the coldest morning of the winter so far in Kemptville at -27C, and on our “extra day” of winter at that. Let's here it for Leap Day....not!

More snowy weather is upon us. A low pressure area skirting across the prairies will slide across the Great Lakes and into New England tonight. To the north of the storm path a general 5-15cm of snow is expected. It will begin this evening in eastern Ontario, with the bulk of the snow falling overnight. Expect windy conditions and some blowing snow as well. Further south and east into Vermont and upstate New York heavier amounts of snow are forecast with 15-25cm falling from the Adirondacks east towards the Maine coast.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Windy and colder today...

The storm that was responsible for the 10-15cm of snow in Kemptville yesterday and overnight has pulled off to the south and east this morning. Most of the heavy snow stayed south of the St. Lawrence River with over 20cm in that region. Roads are snow covered this morning and light snow continues in many areas but should taper off shortly. The 416 & 401 are very slippery with a report of a snow plow on its side at the Morrisburg exit.
Winds are gusting to 50km/h behind the storm and it is a chilly -12C this morning. Expect a blustery day with some blowing and drifting snow before it clears out and calms down tonight.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Warnings Posted....

Environment Canada has issued Heavy Snow Warnings for the region from the Quebec border northwest to Winchester and southwest to Morrisburg along the Seaway Valley including Iroquois. Snow over the next 24 hours will accumulate 25cm or more. Warnings may be needed elsewhere depending on the track of the low. In Kemptville on the edge of the heavy snow 15cm is expected. Already close to 5cm has fallen to 10:30am
Storm Update 7am.....

The snow had started in our area this morning well in advance of the main storm center over Kentucky. The latest weather models suggest that the heaviest snow may stay just south of the St. Lawrence River. Certainly the warnings suggest this with Winter Storm Warnings in effect from the Ohio Valley to New England including all of upstate New York. The snow that has started will continue into tomorrow morning.

Total storm accumulations are forecast to be between 5-15cm for Ottawa and Montreal with 15-20cm for North Grenville, the Seaway and 25-35cm for northern New York and New England. Winds will increase overnight tonight causing blowing and drifting snow. Travel will be slow and slippery for the next 24-36 hours. The worst weather will be this evening into the overnight period.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The never ending winter continues!
Plowing the 401 east this past Friday near Cardinal.

The next storm is on the horizon
Details on our upcoming storm are becoming a little more clear this afternoon. The low pressure area over Kansas this afternoon is forecast to move northeast to Indiana and then towards Lake Champlain. The storm will introduce and extended period of snow over our area. The first flakes should begin in North Grenville and Ottawa by mid morning Tuesday and spread east into Quebec. A few centimeters will be on the ground for the evening commute before the heavier snow arrives. Overnight tomorrow into Wednesday from 10-20cm will fall from Kemptville southeast towards Cornwall and into New York. North of Kemptville less snow is expected. No warnings have been posted for our region at this hour, but a Winter Storm Watch remains in effect for St. Lawrence, Franklin and Clinton County NY while it has been upgraded to a Warning for the rest of central and western New York.
I will update this weather event tomorrow morning. Plan for poor travel conditions on area highways from mid morning Tuesday through Wednesday for all of southern and eastern Ontario and southern Quebec.
The break is over

Another snow event is on the way for Ontario and Quebec. Low pressure over Nebraska early on this Monday morning will slide south of the Great Lakes Tuesday and across New York and New England on Wednesday. Snow is expected to overspread Ontario during the day Tuesday and reach western Quebec late in the day. The snow may become heavy overnight and into Wednesday. On the back side of the system winds will increase from the northwest and it will become colder. It appears that between 10-15cm of snow will fall in all regions, that is just below warning criteria, but subject to change.

In New York and New England, which are closer to the storm track a Winter Storm Watch has been posted. There is also the risk of freezing rain closer to the storm track.
I will post an update on this weather event by 5pm this evening.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse - a spectacular show

It was a beautiful, crisp and cold night for star gazing in eastern Ontario last night. I braved the chilly -16C temperatures in Kemptville and looked skyward for quite a show. It began shortly before 9pm and lasted till after midnight. I only attended between 9 and 10pm before frostbite began to settle in. I snapped several photos with my digital and the help of a tripod, and I was quite pleased with what turned out. The images were not the same as what I was seeing through the binoculars, but good nonetheless.

The first photo is the moon rising just after 6pm EST in Kemptville,
followed below by near totality at about 10pm EST.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Clear skies for lunar eclipse

I am expecting skies to be clear for the lunar eclipse that begins tonight after 8pm and will reach totality between 10pm and 11pm here in the east. Expect it to be cold and clear in Kemptville, the Seaway and eastern Ontario and western Quebec, perfect viewing conditons.

Of Note: I have had to delete a couple of my archived posts and turn of the comments option because of some technical issues. I encourage anybody who has a comment or question to contact me at the paper...thanks for reading

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quiet week in Kemptville
Lunar Eclipse this Wednesday

Sorry folks for the lack of new info, it was not a busy weekend but the time still seemed to slip away from me. Too much time watching NASCAR I guess. Glad the boys are back.

Anyway after yesterdays awesome plus 8C and melting snow, we are back to reality this morning with much colder air and snow squalls, it is windy and -5C in Kemptville at this hour. A stubborn area of snow has developed just north and west of Ottawa this morning and has deposited several centimeters of snow. It should taper this afternoon. Radar is also showing snow squalls moving inland along the 401 west of Brockville towards Napanee. There is snow and blowing snow being reported at Kingston. Travel it that area could be tricky today. Looking south along Interstate 81 lake effect snow is falling there as well in Jefferson, Lewis and Oswego Counties. Travel along I-81 is not advised.

The balance of the week is expected to be fair but chilly with just scattered snow showers in Kemptville. I don’t expect any big storms through Thursday.

A lunar eclipse of the full snow moon is going to take place this Wednesday night.
From the Old Farmers Almanac Website, the following information - The entire eclipse can be seen from eastern and central North America. The Moon enters Earth's umbral shadow on February 20 at 8:43 P.M. EST, and the eclipse becomes total at 10:01 P.M. EST. Totality ends at 10:52 P.M. EST, and the umbral phase ends at 12:09 A.M. EST on February 21. Enjoy it, skies should be clear enough in Kemptville to see it, just dress warm.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Above: ValleyWx Pic of the hard working North Grenville Public Works yesterday morning.

Can we talk about something
other than snow....please!

Happy Valentines Day!

It has been a tough week…..for many reasons. It has prevented me from writing as much as I would like to. The snow continues to be the main story. The banks are so high it is becoming dangerous for both pedestrian and drivers. The crews are exhausted, plowing almost every second day. The most recent snowfall yesterday dumped 10-20cm of snow on the region. This has pushed Kemptville close to the 200cm mark with Ottawa at 274cm and Toronto at 148cm including 70cm this month alone.

More is on the way. An Alberta clipper will bring 5-10cm to the region overnight tonight. On Sunday a very potent storm will approach the Great Lakes. Computer runs are a little off on whether snow or rain will fall. Bet on a mix of precipitation - heavy at times with strong winds from Sunday noon till Monday night in the area. It is our first Family Day in Ontario. Good day to sleep in and maybe see a movie.

Be safe…more details soon on the upcoming storm.
Below is snow clearing operations in Ottawa from the Ottawa Citizen

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Winter 2007/2008 will not ease!
More snow on the way....

Hey folks sorry for the lack of updates this weekend, I was busy taking in the sights and sound of Winterlude in Ottawa. It was, well, winter....breezy, chilly and snowy.

Environment Canada has had a rough go of it lately having trouble with the last several forecasts....they have not issued any warnings yet for this next system, not sure why.
Another blast of wintry weather is on the way for our region. This is occuring rapidly on the heels of the arctic front that raced through the region this past weekend. Many areas of the province and into the northeast were affected by strong winds and blowing snow.Several roads around the lakes were blown closed. The wind has eased this morning but replaced with spine chilling cold. It is currently -24C in Kemptville.

The next in a steady parade of winter storms to affect the province is developing in the lower Mississippi Valley. The system will race northeast towards New York State and then east into the Atlantic. Our region will be on the northern edge of the storm. We can expect a chilly northeast wind to develop today followed by snow after the supper hour tonight. The snow will be steady overnight and taper off by noon on Wednesday. Expect 10-15cm of snow over most areas. While no warnings are in effect yet in Ontario, they have been posted for all of New York state where a Winter Storm warning is in effect for 15-20cm of snow.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Cornwall News from
AM 1220 (listen live here)
Special Weather Statement, Vehicles In Ditches
February 07, 2008 — Hours after Cornwallites have been dealing with blowing and drifting snow Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for the region. It says the storm system moving into the northeastern U.S. is producing blowing snow and near whiteout conditions at times. Some areas around the Cornwall area will see nearly 10 centimeters of snow by noon today. Motorists are being encouraged to drive extremely carefully as dangerous driving conditions may occur. An AM1220 listener in Ingleside believes they've received nearly 15 centimeters of snow and says there's extensive blowing and drifting in the area. Another listener in Maxville says she's seen several cars in the ditch. County Road 34 just north of Alexandria is down to one lane this morning after a tractor-trailer went in the ditch. The driver escaped injury.

From ValleyWeather....about 12cm in on the ground in Kemptville with
considerable blowing and drifting as the photo below taken at 8am shows.
Storm Update Thursday 7am...

It was going to be a very difficult forecast as several areas of low pressure were affecting the province yesterday into this morning, and it was. Snow, freezing rain and even some rain affected all areas from Kingston to Windsor. There was even thunder and lighting in several areas near Lake Ontario. Overnight winds turned out of the northeast in Kemptville and began gusting up and over 30km/h. The snow began here in the wee hours, and several centimetres (hard to measure because of the drifts) are on the ground with close to 10cm expected by the end of the day. It is not a big storm by any stretch, but it appears to be enough to have cancelled all the busses once again. I just don't remember this many snow days as a kid, and the storms were so much worse, not just guessing, I have the data to back it up, they were worse!

Needless to say with the much colder temperatures this morning and the gusty winds, what has fallen is blowing around and travel is less than comfortable. Many cars are in the ditch on the 416. You will need extra time in the 401/416/417 corridors. The heaviest snow is just about over and all the snowfall should end by noon or so.

TORNADO UPDATE: The death toll in the southeast tornadoes is at 55. In many cases entire towns were destroyed. The damage is so extensive, it is hard to believe these are February storms. Reps from the National Weather Service will be on the ground examining the damage, I imagine there were a couple of F-5 tornadoes among the dozens of reported storms. It was one of the biggest single day outbreaks of tornadoes in years and ranks up there among the all time events. Sad way to begin the severe storms season..and early.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Round one over round two set
The snow continues in eastern Ontario this morning but has tapered off in Toronto. In all 10-20cm fell in southwest Ontario with just 2-4cm in Kingston, Kemptville and Ottawa overnight. A break in the precipitation is expected today before more heavy snow crosses the province tonight. Expect another 10-20cm of snow across our regions. Winter Storm Warnings remain in effect for southern Ontario from Kingston to Windsor. Menwhile Winter Weather Advisories are in effect for upstate New York. Some areas near Lake Erie reported heavy freezing rain overnight with significant ice accreation.

Meanwhile the same system spawned a record number of tornadoes across the southeast US yesterday killing at least 47 people. Dozens of thunderstorms swept across Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennesse and Kentucky. Hundreds are injured.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I love this photo of an old Long Sault fire truck taken at Rideau Auction in
Winchester during the height of Friday's storm.
This truck is available this weekend February 16 in Winchester.
The sale starts at 9am.

More snow on the way
Another winter storm will affect southern Ontario and New York State with snow and freezing rain. Low pressure over Oklahoma will move to Ohio and pass south of the lower lakes. It should just brush our area tomorrow. We are expecting 10-20cm of snow over most regions with only 5cm or so in Kemptville. There remains plenty of uncertainty with the storm track so warnings may be extended north and east. Currently they are in effect from Kingston to Windsor and south into St. Lawrence and Jefferson Counties in New York.
Another round of snow on the way

Snow and freezing rain overnight have left roads icy and slow this morning. The bulk of the precipitation has ended at this time in Kemptville. Freezing Rain Warnings are in effect but will be lifted shortly. Meanwhile the mild air that was expected today will have a nearly impossible task, as it did last week, of removing the cold air from the valleys. We were expecting a high of 11C today, but we will be lucky to reach 3 or 4C. It is currently -2C in Kemptville.

Tonight colder air will begin invading the region again as low pressure takes shape over the Ohio Valley. Winter Storm Watches have been posted again for this new event in Ontario for tomorrow. A band of precipitation will bring from 5-15cm of snow and ice from Windsor to Montreal and Ottawa. Later forecasts today will allow us to be more specific on exact amount and warnings for the particular regions in the province.


Monday, February 04, 2008

Stormy week ahead
Mild at first then turning cold
A very mild and rainy Tuesday is expected before much colder air floods into the region on Wednesday. This evening expect a warm front to approach and lift north of the area by morning. Any snow or frozen precipitation that develops after midnight will switch quickly to rain by daybreak with temperatures warming to plus 5 to 8C tomorrow. Several hours of light freezing rain or drizzle is possible along highways 417 and 7.

Another much stronger low will take shape in the Ohio Valley and move just south of our area on Wednesday. With colder air moving in, expect snow with this system. The snow could be significant, we will have to watch this forecast carefully. In the short term enjoy the mild weather and make sure once again that all drainage areas are clear of snow, ice and debris, & that sump pumps are working.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Groundhog Day 2008

Punxsutawney Phil in his 122nd year in Pennsylvania has seen his shadow and has thus predicted at least six more weeks of winter!!

You can veiw the entire event at

Meanwhile Wiarton Willie has not seen his shadow and is predicting an early spring!

Storm Update: Yesterday's storm has moved off to the east leaving behind icy roads and trees and just a few flurries. Between 20-25cm of snow and ice fell in Kemptville, with 26cm at Montreal, 32cm at Ottawa, 25cm at Cornwall and 29cm at Quebec City.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Maggie B. Photo of a Leeds & Grenville County road crew
plowing the traffic circle on Hwy 43 in Kemptville.

5pm Storm Update

A mix of freezing rain, sleet and snow continues across eastern Ontario at 5pm. Winter Storm Warnings remain in effect for all regions until overnight when they will expire. Total snowfall so far is around 12cm in Kemptville with sleet, 15cm in Ottawa and 11cm in Toronto. Eastern Ontario will contiue to see the heaviest precipitation well into this evening with another 10-15cm of snow/sleet expected. In addition winds are gusting from 30-50km/h causing blowing snow. The storm is over Lake Erie and moving northeast towards Montreal.
Storm Update to 10:49am

The heavy snow is just about into North Grenville. The snow began around 8:30 this morning and has been light. However heavy snow at the rate of 2cm or more an hour is just to our southwest. Both Kingston and Watertown, NY are down to less than 1km visibility in Heavy Snow.
Winds are gusty out of the east at 20-40km/h and will increase. Roads are snow covered and slippery and will not improve for the rest of the day. The snow will mix with freezing rain along the 401 this afternoon.
Winter storm on our doorstep

A major winter strom has begun over southern Ontario and is progressing northeast. Heavy snow and freezing rain are forecast today in a wide swath from south of the lakes to Quebec and New England. Weather Warnings are in place in all areas and extended travel is not recomended. At least one inch or 25mm of precipitation is expected in varying forms. If your area remains as snow, like Ottawa a 25-30cm snowfall is forecast. Areas that mix with and change to sleet and freezing rain will have less. There is great concern with this system that more than half of the precip may fall as freezing rain. The duration and intensity of the freezing rain in places along the 401 and near Niagra may be heavy enough to cause some damage.

Travel with great care today or avoid till tomorrow along the 401/416/20 and 417 corridors. If travelling south the same applies till you reach the Pennsylvania border.

In all areas winds will be gusty out of the northeast from 40-70km/h.