Monday, June 28, 2010

A very humid Monday

A warm front continues to lift north across Montreal and southern Quebec this morning. The front generated some heavy showers in Ontario and Quebec producing between 25-50mm of rainfall in many regions. Toronto's Pearson Airport had 53mm of rain yesterday raising the June total to a record breaking 191.6mm. The previous record was 169.2mm set in June 2000. Montreal has had 135.2mm as of yesterday.
The showers will taper off and we should have some hazy sunshine today, it will be very warm and muggy with temperatures near 26C. The cold front associated with this low will slice across the region this evening with a good chance of showers and thunderstorms. This will be followed by cloudy and cooler weather until Thursday when skies will clear under expanding high pressure and temperatures will begin to warm.

Tropical Storm Alex has drifted off the Mexican coast and into the extreme southern Gulf of Mexico overnight. Circulation and dynamics in the region are ideal for further intensification, and Alex could become a hurricane later today. Peak winds this morning are at 50mph and a Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft recorded a central pressure of 991mb. Alex is forecast to move towards the northwest slowly and could approach the south Texas/Mexican coast by Wednesday.

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