Monday, February 03, 2014

Six weeks of winter or perhaps more for Montreal

The exact moment when Phil, despite thick cloud cover, somehow saw his shadow! (
Not surprising in a year that has seen so much winter weather, our furry little forecasters predicted six more weeks of winter yesterday. There are numerous groundhogs out there, but the two "main players" Wiarton Willie in Ontario and Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania, both predicted more of this agonizing winter. Now as we all know here in Canada, six more weeks of winter is no big deal, that basically takes us to where winter would begin to wind down anyway. We also are well aware that us usually lasts beyond that and into April. With the piles of snow in my front yard measuring several feet, it would take a thaw the entire month of February just to melt it away. Sadly that won't happen with below freezing temperatures predicted for the foreseeable future as well as several chances for more snow.

Over the weekend low pressure brought about 12-15cm (5-6") of snow to Montreal Saturday night. This morning we are a chilly -13C (9F) with forecast highs under sunny skies today and Tuesday expected near -7C (19F) in Montreal. A gathering storm is forecast to develop over the southern plains today and take a trek northeast across southern New England by Wednesday. This path leaves southern Quebec and Ontario and the northern edge of the heaviest snow. At this time snow and gusty northeast winds are forecast for Wednesday, with 5-10cm expected in Montreal and Ottawa. South of us more snow is forecast with up to 20cm (8 inches) in NY and Vermont. A winter storm watch has been posted there, they may be needed for the Townships as well later today.

A final note, after all the fuss in Atlanta last week over 2-3 inches of snow, the city reached a record high of 73F (23C) on Sunday. That must be nice, all the snow gone in one week. It will take a little longer for that to occur in Montreal, sad to say.

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