Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Near record warmth to snow in 24 hours

Montreal missed a celestial show overnight due to cloud cover as a full lunar eclipse took place. It began at 2am and lasted three hours. This photo was provided from NASA.
Heavy Rainfall Warning 15-25mm for Montreal today.
Flood Watch - all regions of southern Quebec
Rapid temperature drop today from 13C (55F) now down to -8C (17F) overnight in Montreal.

What a wild weather ride we are on here in southern Quebec and Ontario. Toronto reached a high of 21.2C on Monday, over 70F. They are currently -1C with snow. Windsor has had about 7cm of snow overnight after being in the highs 20's. Meanwhile yesterday the warm front created a very sharp range of temperatures across the region. At one point as little as 40km separated temperatures near the freezing point from highs in the middle 20's. When the warm air finally arrived in Cornwall Ontario around 11am Monday, the temperature went from 14C to 25C in one hour. St Anicet near Valleyfield surpassed a long standing record with a high of 28.3 (83F) beating the old record of 26.7C from 1968. In Montreal we managed a high of 24.5 after a low of 2.2C, just amazing.

Not lost in all the temperature talk was about 20mm of rain in Montreal from late Sunday into Monday evening. The rain combined with rapid snow and ice melting continues to produce flooding across the entire region. A flood watch remains in effect for southern Quebec and northern Vermont and New York. More rain is in the forecast today along with increasing winds and dropping temperatures. Expect an area of precipitation to spread across eastern Ontario and into southern Quebec this morning. Rain will gradually mix with and change to snow by late today before ending near midnight. I expect a good 15-25mm of rain in most areas with perhaps 1-3cm of snow depending on what time your community changes over. This will vary from eastern Ontario which will occur early today to the US border by late this evening. Temperatures have reached the high for today and will drop to the freezing point by 7pm in Montreal and down to lows of -8C tonight. Wednesday will see sunshine and cool temperatures with highs around 2C.

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