Friday, August 01, 2014

Severe weather rolls over Quebec - 7th tornado

Flooding in Drummondville after 37mm of rain fell in less than 45 minutes Thursday afternoon. (Journal Express)
Strong thunderstorms swept across eastern Ontario and southern Quebec on Thursday producing the 7th tornado of the season in Quebec. The tornado struck around 4:30pm north of Quebec City with major damage reported to trees and several homes. Environment Canada estimates winds of over 150km/h. 
In Pointe-du-Lac, it was a microburst (strong downdraft produced by thunderstorms) that did the damage producing winds of 90-130km/h. Again numerous swaths of trees were downed along with power lines and damage to boats. Hail was also reported in many areas with the line of storms between Cornwall, Ontario and Louisville, Quebec. The line developed in upstate New York early in the morning and crossed the Island of Montreal around the noon hour. Winds gusted over 65km/h at Trudeau Airport, and between 12-40mm of rain fell, depending where you were in the city. In Drummondville 37mm of rain fell in less than 45 minutes flooding basements and roads.

It will be much quieter today in Montreal with just a chance of a shower late this afternoon. Sunshine will allow highs to reach 26C (79F). The weekend will be warm and a little humid with the risk of afternoon showers and thunderstorms both days. Temperatures will be near 27C (81F).

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