Monday, December 01, 2014

Frigid across western Canada

While it was warm in Montreal, extreme cold, wind and snow has prevailed in Edmonton (above) and points east towards Regina and Winnipeg this past weekend. (CBC)
While eastern Canada continues our wild temperature swings into the first week of December, it has been absolutely frigid across western Canada. Mid-January temperatures gripped Saskatchewan and Alberta over the weekend with snow and blowing snow. Winds gusted to over 60km/h in Regina with overnight lows last night of -31C. Wind chill values were below -40C. Montreal on the other hand had a mild weekend with showers and highs well above normal near 7C (45F) on Sunday. It was 9C (48F) in Ottawa and 14C (56F) in Toronto. A strong cold front overnight brought a few showers to Montreal and has also lowered the temperatures this morning. Montreal has dropped from 6C (43F) at midnight to 2C (36F) currently and we will continue to drop to -4C (25F) by late this afternoon.

The week looks unsettled and highly variable in the temperature department across southern Ontario and Quebec. We start the week cold with a few flurries through late Tuesday with cold lows of -13C (9F) and highs of -8C (18F). Wednesday will be mild with showers and a high of 7C. But Thursday and Friday look very cold once again with highs dropping back well below freezing. Any precipitation this week in southern Quebec will be light with no major storms on the horizon. A little light snow may cover the ground Tuesday night and again early Thursday.

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