Sunday, January 24, 2016

Historic snowstorm breaks 100 year old records on east coast

No traffic was permitted in New York City Saturday night after two feet of snow fell in one day. (NYPD Photo)
What more can be said about the snowstorm along the east coast of the US on Saturday, epic, historic, amazing. The storm dumped more snow in 24 hours than most locations see in a year. Some regions in western Maryland and Northern Virginia approached 40 inches or 100cm for a single storm. By comparison, Montreal has has about 75cm (30 inches) of snow for the entire season. Some notables were Central Park, New York with 26.8" (their seasonal normal is 25.8"), Allentown, Pennsylvania at 31.9", JFK in New York City at 30.5", their biggest one day snowfall ever. Also, Washington, Dulles measured 29.3", Baltimore 29.2" and Philadelphia 20". Further north the drop off was quick with Boston recording only 4 to 6 inches and Albany, NY nothing. Some snow also fell along the south coast of Nova Scotia overnight with around 5-10cm (2-4 inches). Winds with this storm were fierce gusting between 50-75mph in many cities.

Along with the heavy snow came severe coastal flooding, especially in New Jersey and Delaware. North Wildwood, New Jersey had a higher storm surge than recorded during superstorm Sandy. Massive flooding was reported up and down the Jersey Shore. The storm brought traffic to a standstill on the ground and in the air. At one point on Saturday, a traffic ban was in effect in New York City, Baltimore and Washington D.C. Highways were closed, train and bus service stopped, and thousands of flights cancelled or delayed including 50 at Trudeau Airport in Montreal. It will take days for the clean up and for travel to return to normal. Further south freezing rain and ice buildup across the Carolina's caused massive power outages. Power outages totaled over 250,000 along the storms path. Hydro Quebec has sent at least 200 employees south to help with the power restoration.

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