Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Warm forecast for Montreal

While Montreal enjoyed a spectacular long weekend, snow fell across southern Alberta including Calgary, shown above.
A warm, southerly flow of air continues to impact southern Quebec with above-normal temperatures. This past holiday weekend, the temperature was warmer in Montreal than most of the US east coast. High pressure will continue to provide sunshine and warm temperatures today, with a high near 29C (85F). Temperatures will remain mild tonight, dropping only to 17C (63F) under fair skies.

The balance of the week will feature a storm system moving along the US east coast, with much cooler air and showers in place to our east. A backdoor cold front will become established southeast of Montreal, with showers and thunderstorms developing along it. The weather will remain very warm west of the front and much cooler to the east. The humidity will increase as the week moves along. I believe Montreal will remain on the warm side of the front, with temperatures above normal. Highs will reach into the upper 20's (low 80's) and low temperatures will remain in the teens (low 60's).

With the extended period of warm and dry weather here, outdoor burning should be avoided. The fire risk for most of southern Quebec is elevated at this time. Currently, there are six active fires in the province. The year to date has seen 187 fires, above the ten year average of 176. The good news is that the fires have been managed, and the total amount of hectares burned is down.

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