Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Heavy rain warning for Montreal

Heavy rain warnings have been posted for Ontario and Quebec. 
(AccuWeather.com map)

Widespread heavy rainfall warnings have been issued by Environment Canada for southern and eastern Ontario and southern Quebec. The same system that has created the devastating flooding in Louisiana will lift northeast across the Great Lakes and towards Quebec. The good news is that the system will be moving fairly quickly through our region. Rain will spread west to east across Ontario this morning and into Montreal later this afternoon. The rain will be heavy at times tonight, along with thunderstorms.

The death toll has risen to nine in Louisiana after nearly 25 inches of rain. Widespread historic flooding is occurring. The photo above is from Prairieville, Louisiana. (Photo via Twitter @presleygroupmk)

At this time, we can expect 40 to 60mm of rain across the region, with as much as 70mm locally. The heavy rain comes on the heels of the 50 to 100mm that fell over the weekend, however we are not expecting any major flooding. Southern Quebec and Ontario were bone dry for the past six weeks and water levels are very low. We should be able to absorb the new precipitation without incident. There may be some minor ponding of water in low-lying areas and on roadways. Temperatures will be rather warm and muggy, with a high of 25C (77F) today and 27C (81F) Wednesday. Overnight lows will be near 20C (68F). Skies will slowly clear in Montreal on Wednesday.

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