Thursday, September 08, 2016

Late-summer eastern heatwave

Tropical depression Hermine continues to dissipate off the east coast, while warm and humid air flows north into eastern Canada. (AccuWeather Map)
It feels like mid-August this morning in southern Quebec, with the current temperature already higher than our normal daytime high for early September. Montreal is currently 22C (72F), on our way to a high of 28C (83F). The overnight low was 21C (70F), over 10 degrees Celsius above normal. It is very muggy out after 4.2mm of rain overnight. Wednesday was sunny and hot across most of eastern Canada, from Ontario to Newfoundland. Montreal was nearly 30C (86F), while Toronto set a new high temperature record for the date at 35C (95F). The previous record dates back to 1960 at 33.9C (94F). New high temperature records were also established right across Atlantic Canada, including Newfoundland. Badger, Newfoundland recorded a new record high of 27.4C (81F). In Grand Manan, New Brunswick, the mercury hit 25.3C (78F) to tie the record for the date. Data at that location dates back to 1883, so this is significant warmth we are experiencing for September.

The webcam at Sunshine Village near Banff, Alberta, shows an early-season snowfall on Wednesday. (
For those looking for cooler fall weather, you may have to wait another week or so, or travel to western Canada. Low pressure and a cold front will give Montreal a breezy, muggy day today, with showers and thunderstorms. Skies will clear briefly on Friday, but the weather will remain warm and a little humid. Another round of showers and thunderstorms is likely Saturday afternoon into Sunday, before high pressure returns. Sunshine will prevail to start next week. Temperatures in Montreal next week should remain well above the normal high of 21C (70F) and normal low of 10C (50F). The current heatwave covers most of the eastern United States as well, with high temperatures in the upper 80s and 90s and heat index values above 100F (37C) from the deep south into New England.

Meanwhile it is much cooler out west. Snow fell on Wednesday at Sunshine Village near Banff, as the temperature was just above the freezing point. More snow is possible next week, as a strong cold front is forecast to sweep the region.

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