Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Next up for hurricane Matthew: Florida and The Bahamas

Flooding is being reported today in Nassau, Bahamas, well ahead of Hurricane Matthew. (TWC/AP Photo)
Hurricane Matthew continues to be a very dangerous hurricane Wednesday afternoon. The center of Matthew is located 165km (105 miles) south of Long Island in the Bahamas. The storm is responsible for at least 11 fatalities in Haiti and Cuba, with that number expected to rise. Many locations in far western Haiti have reported widespread destruction. Homes were levelled in many villages, with major flooding reported and bridges washed out. Communications are down and thousands are homeless in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Hurricane warnings are in effect across the Bahamas, as well as the east coast of Florida, inland to central portions of the sunshine state. Evacuations have been ordered in many coastal communities from Florida to the Carolinas. Forecasters expect Matthew, currently a Category 3 storm with 120mph winds, to strengthen once again this afternoon. Matthew is expected to move through the Bahamas today and tonight, and along the Florida coast late Thursday. By Friday, the storm is expected to loop out into the Atlantic, east of South Carolina. Earlier forecasts had the storm moving up the entire east coast into Nova Scotia and Quebec this weekend. Current models are painting a much different scenario today, having the storm slow down and even move back towards Florida. Matthew will need to be monitored very closely by all east coast residents over the next few days. A state of emergency has been declared in several coastal counties from Florida to South Carolina. There has been a rush on water, gas, generators, batteries and anything else deemed useful to ride out this powerful storm.

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