Friday, February 03, 2017

Next winter storm on the horizon for Montreal

The next winter storm is expected to arrive in southern Quebec by late Tuesday. A windy mix of snow and freezing rain is forecast once again. The exact location, type and quantity of precipitation will be determined as the system develops and moves closer. (
The upcoming weekend will be unsettled, as a moist westerly flow off the central Great Lakes prevails across southern Quebec. Clouds will dominate, with light snow forecast from late Saturday through Sunday. Accumulations will be close to 5cm in southern Quebec. The temperature will be seasonably chilly, with daytime highs near -5C (23F) and overnight lows near -10C (14F).

Potent Winter Storm Expected
Monday will be partly cloudy and cold, as we await the next winter storm. Low pressure is forecast to develop in the southern Rockies by Monday and move northeast towards the lower Great Lakes. The storm is then expected to track down the St. Lawrence Valley passing close to Montreal on Wednesday. A surge of moisture and warm air will arrive with the storm, along with another mix of wintry precipitation. Current indications are for snow to start late Tuesday, and possibly transition to freezing rain or even plain rain along the US border by Wednesday morning. The exact track and temperature profiles are yet to be determined, but the possibility exists that Montreal and points north of the city, could remain all snow with this storm. That being said, we all remember to well the fiasco of the last forcasted storm. A difference of a few miles can alter the type and quantity of precipitation greatly when it comes to winter storms. Plan for an icy mix and slow travel late Tuesday through Thursday next week across Ontario and Quebec. Snow clearing contractors should be ready to plow and or salt from late Tuesday through Wednesday.

Strong winds are also forecast to accompany this storm, first out of the northeast in Montreal and eventually veering to the southwest as the warmer air arrives. Winds may gust in excess of 60km/h. South of the storm track, heavy rain is expected along the eastern seaboard,  with strong thunderstorms from the Midwest into the southern states.

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