Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Summer 2017 in Montreal - saving the best for last

Haze and smoke made for a spectacular sunset in Montreal on Monday, September 11. Warm and dry weather is forecast to end summer 2017. (Valley Weather Photo)
It took the entire season, but Montreal is finally seeing some perfect summer weather. Strong high pressure centered over the province, is providing perfect late summer days, with low humidity and above normal temperatures. At the same time, the nights have been cool, perfect for sleeping.

This spell of perfect weather is coming during the last full week of summer 2017, a season that has for the most part, not been so good. Precipitation was above normal, with temperatures below, not an ideal combination for a city that loves summer. If you like the heat, it was absent most of the season. Montreal officially recorded only one day where the temperatures was 30C (86F) or above. Normally we have at least 9 such days.

Our current stretch of dry, warm weather started last Sunday and is expected to persist right through the upcoming weekend. As the high pressure slides east off the coast, warmer southerly winds will pick up this weekend, with a slight rise in humidity levels as well. Temperatures will be well above normal, averaging 27C (81F) for a daytime high and 13C (55F) for the overnight low. Normally we should be at 20C (68F) and 9C (48F) respectively. The only exception to the sunshine may be a few high thin clouds Thursday, as what is left of hurricane Irma slides across southern New England late tomorrow and Friday. Any showers will remain across southern New York and Vermont. Enjoy the fine forecast, fall officially arrives next Friday, September 22 at 4:02PM.

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