Monday, June 11, 2018

Last week of spring very summer-like in Montreal

While the spring thunderstorm season has been fairly tame in southern Quebec so far, such has not been the case in western Canada. Portions of Alberta and Saskatchewan reported large hail, heavy rain, powerful winds and even isolated tornadoes over the weekend. Over 10,000 lightning strikes occurred Saturday alone in Alberta, with winds gusting to 122km/h at Lloydminster. A peak wind gust of 135km/h was observed at Scott, Saskatchewan. The spectacular photo above of a shelf cloud, was taken near Pierceland, Alberta and posted to The Weather Network website via Twitter. (TWN Photo)
Summer officially arrives at 6:07AM EDT, Thursday, June 21. After a cool start to the week early Monday morning, the weather is looking very summer-like to end Spring 2018.

After a glorious weekend across southern Quebec, the work week is starting much the same, with abundant sunshine and warm temperatures forecast. Montreal dipped to 9C (49F) early Monday morning, however don't let the cool start to the day fool you. Warm southwest winds are developing, and the temperature should respond nicely under the strong June sun. Look for a high temperatures near 24C (76F). Clear skies are forecast Monday night, with milder temperatures than this morning, lows near 15C (59F).

On Tuesday, even warmer air will stream northward into Montreal, along with a, slight increase in humidity, expect highs near 27C (81F). A cold front arrives on Wednesday, along with an increase in clouds, showers and thunderstorms. Expect a muggy high near 25C (77F). The balance of the week will see a return to sunny and warm weather, with high temperatures eventually reaching close to 30C (86F) by next weekend.

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