Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

The sun is flirting with the clouds on this chilly Halloween in Montreal. The wet snow tapered off after midnight with around 2cm or so at my home on Ile Perrot. Radar at noon is showing some flurries around, especially across eastern Ontario, but very good sunny breaks thrown in as well. For the most part the weather will be decent for Trick or Treating, however It will be chilly. I expect temperatures across the region to be in the 1C to 3C range to start and dropping to or just below freezing by the end of the evening. Bundle of the kids tonight and have a safe, fun and Happy Halloween.

Tropical Atlantic: The tropics became very active over the past day or so with two named systems. Tropical storm Shary brushed Bermuda and rapidly moved off to the northeast over the open waters of the north Atlantic while losing her tropical characteristics. Meanwhile a potent storm has developed in the Caribbean Sea, Tomas, and is 290 km west of St. Lucia. At present Tomas has 90 mph winds and is moving WNW at 9 mph. The storm is forecast to remain at minimal strength until the middle of next week when conditions will be more favorable for strengthening. The storm has the potential to become a major hurricane and affect Cuba. Afterwards we could be looking at an east coast system but it is way to early to determine that.

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Skye said...

Hey! Is there a place where I can see what the low temperature WAS yesterday/last night?