Thursday, October 28, 2010

Indian Summer?

It has been a rather interesting weather week to say the least. That massive western storm has been controlling the weather across North America. Besides the obvious, heavy snow, strong winds, record low barometric pressure and 2 dozen or so tornadoes, the temperatures have been on a wild ride. Montreal reached 20C just short of the record high for the day on Wednesday. This was after we struggled for nearly 24 hours to clear 9C. We finally surged into the mid teens at 3am yesterday morning. The same thing occurred last night as we dropped to an overnight low of 10C and then rose to 16C at 3am. Keep in mind the normal high for October 28 is only 9C. Usually Indian Summer happens after our first frost and involves two or three days of dry and warm weather before the snow flies. While this has been a slightly abbreviated version, it still may loosely qualify as our Indian Summer for 2010. This may be it folks get out and enjoy the weather!

All this is being caused by the slowly weakening western storm that is now moved north over James Bay. The storm will slowly slide eastward into Quebec over the next few days and eventually draw much colder air into out region. Sunshine will give way to increasing clouds today and a few showers by tonight. It will be windy out of the southwest today gusting to 50km/h with gale warning posted on area rivers and lakes. The temperature will be very mild at 16C. Tonight showers will persist with cooler weather moving in. The mercury will struggle to make it to only 7C Friday. By late Friday and early Saturday the region will flirt with the freezing mark with possibly a few flurries.

**By the way, at 8am this morning we were 14C while Regina was -14C.

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