Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Active weather pattern

Radar image of Irene this evening.

We have so much weather going on tonight I am not sure where to begin. We will start in Ontario where a cold front has prompted a day long tornado watch for a big portion of central and southern Ontario. After the F-3 Goderich twister last Sunday, Environment Canada appears to be airing on the side of caution with this one, with conditions reasonable for some severe storms and rotation. Heavy rain and dangerous lightning appear to be the main threats with these storms. They are marching across Ontario and should begin to affect southern Quebec after midnight. Some may be strong around Montreal as well with heavy rain and gusty winds.

Hurricane Irene
Meanwhile all eyes are on hurricane Irene tonight as the storm moves slowly across the Bahamas, northwest at 12mph. It is currently moving between Rum Cay and Long Island. The category 3 storm has winds tonight of 120mph and is expected to increase to category 4 on Thursday. The large storm has tropical force winds extending outwards up to 230 miles from the center. I am very concerned for the Outer Banks of North Carolina, a place I like to call my second home. The location and its residents are very special to me. It appears that Irene may move over or very close to the Outer Banks by Saturday with Category 3 force winds, heavy rain and a storm surge. Then we need to look further up the coast into New York and New England as well as Eastern Canada. The Canadian Hurricane Center has issued a special statement for southern Quebec and Atlantic Canada to pay close attention to Irene and expect high winds and heavy rain in a portion of the forecast region by late Sunday and Monday.

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