Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Mild & rainy weather for southern Quebec & Ontario

You have to go out west for any winter weather. This is Saskatoon on Monday where over 15cm of snow fell. It is cold and windy with more snow this morning at -15C. Meanwhile record highs are likely today in many location across New England, Quebec and Ontario. (CTV)
It is another very mild start to the day here in Montreal with temperatures around 5C (41F). Highs are forecast to reach up into the mid teens with 13C (55F) forecast for Montreal, almost 14 degrees above normal. Both Montreal and Ottawa have a shot at the record today which was 15C (59F) set in 1982. A warm front will lift across the St. Lawrence Valley this morning with a few showers. Strong winds will develop ahead of the front today with wind gusts to 50km/h in Montreal but as high as 90km/h in the Richelieu Valley where a wind warning has been posted. That will be followed by a windy cold front this evening with a decent period of steady rain expected with its passage. Rainfall amounts could be in the 12 to 15mm range by midnight. On Wednesday the high will be reached early in the morning with temperatures falling afterwards down to a cold -4C by late in the day. Flurries will be around most of Wednesday and it will be windy as well. There may be a few centimetres in the mountains of the Townships and northern Vermont and New York but little in the valley locations.

Looking ahead to the end of the week high pressure will dominate with clear and seasonable weather into Friday before things become unsettled by the weekend. At this time it looks like a mix of rain and snow for southern Quebec and Ontario Saturday and Sunday. Amounts and temperature profiles are a little difficult to pinpoint at this time.

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