Thursday, December 27, 2012

Record breaking 45cm storm for Montreal

The wind blown snow created some interesting art. This is on L'Ile Perrot. (ValleyWX Photo)
The warnings have been allowed to expire as the heavy snow has tapered off to some freezing drizzle here in the St. Lawrence Valley tonight. This, after an historic amount of snow was dropped on Montreal. Trudeau Airport recorded 45cm or 18 inches of snow in about 15 hours, passing the previous record of 43cm from the famous blizzard of March 1971. That storm was still much worse as it had hurricane force winds and record low barometric pressure. Today was bad just the same, at times the snow fell at an incredible rate of 5cm an hour. I will have much more in the morning along with some more photos. Now I need some sleep, between tracking this system during the wee hours, the drive to and from work and cleaning two driveways, I am spent. Drive safe.

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