Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Big snowstorm stays south

The bulk of the snow will remain south and east of the border with just a few flurries or showers nudging into southern Ontario and Quebec. Winds will be gusty in the St. Lawrence Valley, up to 50km/h due to the storm. (AccuWeather)
The same blocking features in the north Atlantic that have kept the clouds and light precipitation over southern Quebec are now sparring us the big Midwestern snowstorm. The system has taken a path from the southern Prairies across the upper Midwest and into the middle Atlantic this morning. A rash of warnings are in effect from Virginia and the Outer Banks north into New England. The storm has already put down 10 inches of heavy wet snow in western Maryland, and some areas into West Virginia could see up to 2 feet. Snow will spread across the coastal plain and north towards Boston by evening  Over 6 inches of snow could accumulate in Baltimore and Washington. Rain will mix in along the coast. The other factor with this storm will be wind and surge. Coastal flood warnings are up along the battered New Jersey and New England coastlines this morning. Surge flooding is likely over the next 24 to 36 hours as the system moves into the open waters of the Atlantic and intensifies sending a northeast fetch of wind and water into the coast.

Montreal will remain on the northern edge of the system with clouds and perhaps a stray snowflake or two. Winds will be gusty, but temperatures should be mild to end the week up to plus 2 or 3C. The weekend at this time looks sunny and mild, maybe up to 7C (45F) in the warm March sun, before cooler weather and perhaps some snow return for next week.

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