Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wind & cold - the return of winter

Just in case you thought winter was over, you need only step outside this morning to realize it is not. Temperatures are the coldest they have been this month with current readings at -6C (windchill -13C). Add to that a biting northwest wind in the 30-50km/h range and some light snow and it feels like mid January. About 1cm of snow fell in a few squalls during the overnight hours, they are just about done, but the cold is here for the day. We are currently looking at our high temperature for the day with little or no movement. Lows tonight will be around -10C. It is currently -11C in Ottawa and they also are expecting a cold day today. Looking ahead we have some light snow and chilly temperatures to end the week on Friday followed by a sunny and seasonable weekend with highs close to the freezing point both days. On Monday low pressure will be developing in the central plains and moving towards the Great Lakes. Current indications are for a rain /snow mix. Depending on the exact track it could be more than 10cm of wet snow on Tuesday for some regions. That is several days away, so lets first deal with the wind and cold today.

On a final note we have had about 22.6mm of rain here on L'Ile Perrot so far this month. This in combination with the warmer temperatures has really began to melt the snow pack. There are still lots of big dirty piles of snow around but we are heading in the right direction!

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