Thursday, October 31, 2013

Scarey Halloween forecast

The 2013 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox celebrate last night along with all of us across Red Sox Nation.
First of all this morning, thank you, thank you, thank you to the Boston Red Sox. What a run from last to first. After not having won a World Series title since 1918, they have now won three since 2004. I am glad they took this time to shake off the curse. What a thrilling team to watch this year, the cardiac kids, never say die, from last in 2012 to champs in 2013.

It is not shaping up to be a great forecast for Montreal and most of us here in the east for Halloween tonight. Strong low pressure has moved from the central plains towards the Great Lakes while intensifying. This storm will lift a warm front across Montreal and southern Quebec tonight with lots of showers and rain likely. It won`t be a washout but it will be wet most of the time. The rain should get going by noon today. The only good news is that is will be much milder, close to 12C today and strengthening southwest winds. It will remain mild tonight and downright warm on Friday, as the warm front clears the region. Temperatures will rise to nearly 16C (61F) on Friday. As this storm strengthens to a 972mb low, it will move across the Ottawa Valley, with a strong cold front trailing behind. Winds on Friday will increase to strong across the St. Lawrence Valley with gusts likely to 100km/h. Wind Warnings have been issued along the US side of the Valley, and I expect they will be moved north and east into Montreal and our southwest regions. After a mild and windy Friday the weekend looks much cooler with showers and perhaps a few flurries by late Saturday behind the storm.

Remember to put your clocks back 1 hour on Saturday night.
Happy safe.

Boston Strong!

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