Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Active Northern Lights - spectacular fall weather

This incredible photo of the Northern Lights was taken by an observer on top of Mount Washington last evening. It was posted to their Facebook page, you can purchase your own copy and support the Observatory HERE.
What more can you say about this weather, simply spectacular for this time of year. Today is the 10th consecutive sunny day with no precipitation in Montreal, a feat difficult at anytime of the year, let alone late September into October. It appears today will be the warmest day of them all, with strong southwest winds up to 50km/h ahead of a weak cold front. Temperatures will match or exceed the high of 24C recorded on Tuesday. That is a full 8 degrees above normal. Today we are already at 16C, usually the normal high for today's date. There is an end in sight, but not a drastic one. A frontal system will bring showers and slightly cooler weather into the weekend.

Big changes are expected in the west where a deep dip in the jet stream will allow cold air to plummet into the Rockies and western Great Plains. Winter Storm Watches may be hoisted for the Black Hills of South Dakota into Wyoming by late Thursday. Strong winds and snow are forecast on the west side of a developing storm, while severe weather is likely across Missouri and Illinois. This system will bring rain and cooler weather into Ontario and Quebec by next week.

Last night the Aurora Boriealis or northern lights were quite active across a wide region from the Prairies across the far north and into Quebec and northern New England. Sadly I slept through them after two 12 hour workdays, I think we also had a little cloud cover overnight. I have posted a spectacular picture taken from the top of Mount Washington in central New Hampshire last night. I invite you to click on the link on the right side of my blog and explore the observatory atop the mountain. I have been a member for three years now, every penny worth it when you see the research and spectacular photos and observations taken form this unique weatherscape. I have visited once, and plan a return trip next year, perhaps for a longer stay to volunteer, one never knows.

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