Saturday, July 05, 2014

Hurricane Arthur hits Atlantic Canada and the Gaspe

Flooding from Arthur in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia on Saturday morning. (CBC News)
The heavy rain and strong winds of now post topical storm Arthur are spreading across the Maritimes and eventually into Newfoundland this weekend. The western edge of the storm actually sent clouds into Montreal as well as gusty winds up to 50km/h from the broad circulation of the storm, but little else. The heavy rain and winds in excess of 100km/h are occurring across Nova Scotia, PEI and New Bruinswick as well as the Gaspe Coast. The center of what is left of once hurricane Arthur is currently located near the mouth of the Bay of Fundy, moving northeast at 23mph. Most of the heavy rain is occurring across Maine and New Brunswick this morning. Flooding has also been reported along the south coast of Nova Scotia. Yarmouth recorded a wind gust to 103km/h this morning, and nearly 150,000 homes are without power in the Maritimes. Several trees have already fallen onto homes with damage reported.

Rainfall will reach 100-150mm (4-6 inches) across portions of New Brunswick and the Gaspe/Lower North Shore of eastern Quebec today. Arthur will move into the Gulf of St Lawrence later this evening and into Newfoundland Sunday, slowly releasing its grip on Atlantic Canada.

On Friday Arthur pounded North Carolina before moving across the coastal waters of New England. Very heavy rain along the western edge of the tropical system along with a cold front produced nearly 200mm of rain in southeast Massachusetts. New Hampshire also had heavy rain and even a waterspout on Lake Winnepesaukee.

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