Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Warm & humid Tuesday for southern Quebec

Several times this summer it looked like Montreal was in line for strong to severe thunderstorms, but fortunately they have not materialized, at least in the city proper. Just this month alone there have been at least three days, including Monday, where the parameters and ingredients were right for thunderstorms. But like the previous two days, none developed on Monday in Montreal. The main area of thunderstorms once again moved across portions of Ontario and into central New York and southern Vermont. We did however have showers for a big portion of the day with a light rainfall of 5-10mm in most metro locations, just enough to water the lawn. There were some reports of 20-30mm closer to the US border and just across it in Vermont.

The warm front the caused the showers Monday is now well east of the region with Montreal in the warm sector. Temperatures are already in the middle 20's, look for warm, muggy highs of 29C (85F) today. A rather vigorous cold front will cross the region late this evening with showers and thunderstorms possible in Ontario, Quebec and New York from the supper hour to around midnight. Lows tonight will be around 20C (68F) with highs on Wednesday at 25C (77F). Some showers may linger into Wednesday but there will also be a few glimpses of sun.Thursday into the early portion of the weekend looks good with plenty of sunshine and seasonably warm. It will become more humid with thunderstorms by Sunday.

A photo of just some of the damage on the farm of Ray Derdall near Outlook, Saskatchewan. He also had major damage done to his home. (Star Phoenix)
Environment Canada was out investigating the weekend tornadoes across Saskatchewan. Six tornadoes were reported between 2:30 and 4pm Saturday afternoon. The strongest occurred near Outlook, and was an estimated EF2 capable of winds between 178-217km/h. Major damage was reported on one farm near Outlook.

Meanwhile the cleanup continues in the Maritimes from Tropical Storm Arthur. There are still 65,000 homes and businesses without power in New Brunswick alone. It will take until the weekend to restore all customers.

In southern Manitoba major flooding continues along the Assiniboine River. Sandbagging efforts are well underway to try to alleviate some of the expected flooding in Brandon.

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