Thursday, September 04, 2014

Enjoy the last few days of real warmth in Quebec

Snow fell yesterday across the foothills of southwest Alberta.
There are signs that summer really is coming to an end, at least across portions of Canada. A windy and wet low pressure area moving across southern Alberta and Saskatchewan has borough much cooler air in its wake with frost across Alberta and even snow. The snow fell yesterday across the highest elevations of the southwest foothills with snow covering the roads at Highwood Pass, Alberta. Elsewhere it was a cold rain with 35-50mm falling across the southern portion of the province into Saskatchewan. That low pressure and associated fronts will move east arriving in Ontario and Quebec by the weekend. Until then it will be sunny and warm with high temperatures from 28 to 30C (83-86F) and overnight lows of 17-20C (63-68F).
By Saturday it will be much cooler, only around 20C with a good chance of showers and thunderstorms all day. The above 80F (27C) weather of the next two days may likely be the last ones of the season for Montreal. We will have to see, but at this time it is looking like more seasonable weather is on the way.

The stats are in for August at it was not as dreary a month as it seemed at times. Granted we officially had no 30C days at Trudeau Airport in Dorval, but we still managed a 20.3C average temperature, which is slightly above normal. Here at Valley Weather on L'Ile Perrot, I recorded 20.2C for the monthly average. Rainfall was 85.2mm at Dorval and 80mm at my home, both below the normal of 94.1mm. We had zero 30C days at the airport, the normal is 2.5 days. On average we manage 9.3 such days a summer, but this year only 4 days so far. I noticed that Trudeau Airport has a nasty habit of reaching 28 or 29C and staying there for hours. The airport had 5 days at 29C, many of those were actually over 30C at my house or elsewhere on the Island of Montreal. I had 9 days just in August at or above 30C. Gusty winds off Lake St. Louis and the wide open green space surrounding the airport seem to keep it cooler there.

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