Monday, April 18, 2016

Much cooler, wet start to the work week in Montreal

A backdoor cold front is cooling down Quebec and northern New England today, as it slides north to south.
Sunday was as spectacular an April day as you will find. The temperature reached 22C (72F) here in Montreal, easily the warmest day of 2016. Light winds and bright sunshine made the day perfect for anything outdoors. 

A rather gusty, raw northeast wind has developed here in the St. Lawrence Valley overnight, ahead of a backdoor cold front. These type of fronts are quite common in the spring, as cold, maritime air backs down the St. Lawrence Valley. The temperature have fell overnight to 9C (49F), where it will likely stay for most of the day. Showers are also expected by the middle portion of the day. The good news is that the balance of the week looks sunny, with moderating temperatures to above normal, as high pressure takes over once again. The next chance for any precipitation won't come until late Thursday or Friday.

As always, when there is good weather in a portion of the continent, somebody else is having terrible weather. This morning, that would be the central portion of North America from Texas to western Ontario. Heavy rain is falling along the Gulf Coast, with epic amounts reported overnight in Houston. Between 10 and 16 inches of rain fell on the city, with major flash flooding being reported this morning. To the north and west of that storm, heavy snow fell across the Rockies, including metro Denver. Anywhere from one to four feet of wet snow was observed in portions of Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico.

Major flooding has led to over 60 water rescues this morning in Houston, Texas. Photo via Twitter @livestormsmedia

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