Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring weather, warming trend for southern Quebec

Another round of April snow blanketed Montreal Monday morning. There is a good chance it will be the last snow until next fall, as a major warming trend is forecast.
An interesting blog title, considering it is snowing again this morning in Montreal, on April 11th no less. An elongated warm front has been the focus for mixed precipitation in southern Quebec and Ontario. A couple of centimetres of wet snow fell overnight in Montreal. It has since changed to rain, as temperatures have nudged above the freezing point. The rain will continue most of today, tapering to showers tonight. Warm air will continue to filter into the St. Lawrence Valley today on southwest winds. Expect a high temperature near 8C (48F).

The good news for eastern North America is that a major pattern change is expected this week. There is a good chance this morning's snow will be the last of the season. After a windy and cold Tuesday, with a high of 7C (45F) and a low of -5C (23F), much warmer weather will move into Quebec. Looking ahead, milder-than-normal weather is forecast from Thursday towards the end of the month and into May. In the short term, we are looking at sunny weather developing Wednesday, with warming temperatures. The sunshine will prevail into the weekend, with high temperatures between 15C and 20C (60 to 68F) by Saturday. Low temperatures are forecast to remain above freezing after Tuesday.

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