Saturday, June 25, 2016

Perfect weather weekend for Quebec and Ontario - historic West Virginia flooding

Catastrophic flash flooding in West Virginia has resulted in at least 23 deaths. 
(NBC News)
For the second weekend in a row, high pressure is in control of our weather across southern Quebec, Ontario and New England. Sunshine will dominate, with just a few afternoon clouds. Temperatures will be very warm once again, rising up to 30C (86F). Overnight lows will be comfortable, around 17C (63F). A frontal system will bring us some showers on Monday, along with slightly cooler weather. More showers and thunderstorms are expected Tuesday, before skies clear Wednesday. Temperatures will warm up again as we approach the Canada Day long weekend.

Speaking of rain showers, moisture is badly needed. Moderate drought conditions prevail across the entire region. Most locations have reported consecutive months of less than 50 percent of the normal precipitation. Stream flows and water levels are dropping. The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority is reporting the Rideau River in eastern Ontario is flowing at only 15 percent of normal for this time of year. Fire conditions remain elevated across southern Quebec and Ontario. Several grass fires were reported in Eastern Ontario last week. Even with rain in the forecast early next week, conditions are expected to remain excessively dry. Vegetation is beginning to show signs of drought as well. Water conservation is strongly suggested in eastern Ontario and southern Quebec, but has not been formally ordered at this time.

The high pressure giving Montreal our beautiful weather, has deflected a potent area of showers and thunderstorms south of the Great Lakes into the Ohio Valley. Violent weather with tornadoes and powerful thunderstorms swept across portions of Illinois and Indiana, into the central Appalachians Thursday and Friday. In West Virginia, three month`s worth of rain fell in just a few hours. Some locations in the state received over 250mm (10 inches) of rain. Widespread, severe flash flooding occurred with swollen rives and creeks washing away homes and cars. This is the worst flooding in over a century in that state, with reports of at least 23 fatalities. Over 500,000 utility customers were without power at the height of the storms. The West Virginia National Guard has been deployed, with numerous water rescues and evacuations required. The rain has stopped for the time being, with water levels slowly receding. This has allowed the clean-up to begin, and the search for more victims to continue.

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