Friday, June 03, 2016

Pattern change ahead for Montreal and eastern Ontario

A 50/50 weekend is expected in Montreal and eastern Ontario. Sunny and warm on Saturday, followed by a rainy Sunday.
Southern Quebec received some much-needed rainfall on Thursday, as a slow-moving cold front crossed the St. Lawrence Valley. Close to 8mm of rain fell across the city, the most on any one day since May 8. Sunshine returns today, along with warm temperatures which will remain through Saturday. Expect high temperatures near 27C (80F) and overnight lows around 16C (60F).

Our great stretch of weather will come to an end on Sunday, as high pressure builds in western Canada and a trough develops over the Great Lakes. Low pressure will move across the region Sunday, with a soaking rain. At this time, it looks like 15-25mm, or up to one inch, of rain is possible in Montreal. Temperatures will be cooler, but still near normal, 22C (72F). Cloudy skies and cooler temperatures will remain in southern Quebec to start the week, likely lasting through Wednesday. Sunshine is expected to return by next Thursday.

Major flooding continues to unfold in Texas. Massive evacuations have been necessary, with widespread damage in and around Houston. At least six fatalities occurred on Thursday alone. Above, record flooding in Fort Bend County, Texas. (AP Photo)
The weather remains very wet across the southern US, with historic flooding in Texas. At the same time, the remnants of tropical storm Bonnie crossed eastern North Carolina with flooding there as well. Here at home, much warmer temperatures will be developing over western Canada, with a return to the upper 20's and low 30's expected in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Winter cold is holding on in parts of Newfoundland and Labrador, where a widespread frost occurred Thursday. A new record low of -6.9C (19F) was set at Churchill Falls, Labrador. The previous low was -4.1 (24F) set in 1992.

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