Thursday, July 14, 2016

Record heat for Montreal - strong storms today

The Dairy Queen along Highway 20 on L'Ile Perrot provides the foreground to developing thunderstorms on the horizon. (ValleyWX)
A heat warning remains in effect today. We have an elevated risk of strong thunderstorms as well.

Searing heat surged into southern Quebec on Wednesday, with Montreal squeezing out a record high of 33.7C (93F). (The previous record was 33.6C, set in 1987, the heatwave just prior to the famous Decarie Expressway flood). The warm temperatures lasted into the overnight, with the 6am temperature already at 24C (76F) in Montreal. Other parts of the region were also warm on Wednesday, with 35C (95F) in Vaudreuil and here on L'Ile Perrot. Ontario was hot as well, with Toronto being the warmest in the country at a record-setting 36C (97F). This broke the previous record of 34.9C set in 2005. The 35C I recorded on my Davis Vantage Vue is the warmest reading I've observed on L'Ile Perrot, since moving here in 2009.

The heat, combined with elevated humidity readings, produced humidex temperatures into the low 40s. It was oppressive for any outdoor activities. Relief is on the way today in the form of a cold front, which is draped across Ontario this morning. The front will generate some drenching, slow-moving thunderstorms today. The storms are expected to reach southern Quebec early this afternoon. Some of the storms may produce flooding rains and strong winds. Overnight, the same cold front produced a line of thunderstorms that brought winds in excess of 90km/h to Toronto.

Today will be warm once again for southern Quebec, with highs near 30C (86F). It will remain muggy overnight, with lows near 21C (70F). Friday will be a touch cooler at 27C (81F), with some showers around. As of now the weekend looks decent, with some spotty showers Saturday, but clearing out late in the day and a high near 25C (77F). Expect sunshine on Sunday, with a daytime high near 27C (81F).

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