Monday, November 07, 2016

Sunshine makes a welcome return to Montreal

Very cold air will surge into southern Quebec next weekend. Snow flurries are likely, even in Montreal. (AccuWeather)
November is often the darkest month of the year. The cold, damp, unstable fall nights often lead to cloud cover developing shortly after sunrise. This, combined with the change of the clocks, makes November seem dark and dismal. The sun will set today in Montreal at 4:34pm. Thankfully, high pressure will crest over southern Quebec and Ontario for the next 24 hours, with abundant sunshine and warming temperatures. We start the week with a hard freeze in Montreal, and early Monday morning temperatures of -4C (26F) in the city. As mentioned, sunshine today will allow a warming trend, up to 10C (50F). Clear skies will prevail tonight, along with much warmer lows of 5C (41F). Tuesday will be the best day of the week; expect sunshine and warm high temperatures near 15C (59F). A cold front will produce showers from late Tuesday night through Wednesday morning, along with cooler temperatures.

As we look ahead to the upcoming weekend, a strong cold front will usher in the lowest temperatures of the season so far. Overnight lows will drop well below freezing in eastern Ontario and southern Quebec, as cold as -6C (21F) by Sunday morning. In addition to the cold, snow flurries are possible, and even some accumulating lake effect snow closer to the Great Lakes. The forecast will need some fine-tuning as we get closer, but expect the coldest weekend of the season so far.

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