Sunday, December 11, 2016

Expect a slow commute in Montreal on Monday

Salting on the West Island, Friday, December 9. Let's hope contractors, public works and drivers are prepared for this next winter storm. The city does not need a repeat of last Monday's mess. (ValleyWX)
Plan on leaving early for work on Monday morning, if you live in eastern Ontario and southern Quebec. Low pressure will move from the central plains towards the Great Lakes today. Warm air, overriding the cold air at the surface, will produce an 18-hour period of snow here in the St. Lawrence Valley. The snow will begin very late this evening in Montreal and persist through noon on Monday. A general 5 to 7cm will be on the ground by rush-hour Monday morning. Final storm accumulations in the 10 to 15cm range are expected across Ontario and southern Quebec by late Monday. Gusty northeast winds will also develop, creating areas of blowing and drifting snow. Temperatures are cold this morning, around - 11C (12F) in Montreal, but they will slowly warm to the freezing point into Monday. Arctic air returns for the balance of the week. The coldest air of the season, so far, will filter into our region behind the storm, with low temperatures as cold as -20C (-4F) by Thursday morning.

Snow will spread into Montreal Sunday night, with the potential for 5 to 7cm on the ground just in time for the Monday-morning commute. (AccuWeather)
A special weather statement is in effect in Ontario, with winter weather advisories in place across New York and Vermont. No warnings have been issued so far here in Montreal, but our upcoming storm is the exact same system that is impacting the other regions. As we observed last Monday morning, we don't need a lot of snow to create a chaotic commute.

By now, let's hope that everyone has their winter tires on, in advance of the December 15 provincial deadline in Quebec. If not, please do us all a favour and use public transit on Monday.

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