Saturday, December 17, 2016

Freezing rain warning for Montreal

Freezing rain is forecast for Montreal tonight into Sunday. (ValleyWX Photo)
Freezing Rain Warning for Montreal.

If you have travel over the next 36 hours, prepare for a wintry mix of precipitation, no matter which direction you are heading in from Montreal. An elongated warm front is producing light to moderate snow in the St. Lawrence Valley this morning. Montreal can expect 5 to 10cm, before the snow tapers off this afternoon. Low pressure arrives later this evening, with another round of precipitation, this time in the form of freezing rain. The temperature, currently at -14C (7F) in Montreal, will rise very slowly towards the freezing point by early Sunday morning. At this time, 5 to 10mm (0.2 to 0.4 inches) of ice is forecast. This amount should not be enough to damage trees or power lines, but more than enough to ice over roads and sidewalks. A freezing rain warning is in effect for the St. Lawrence Valley from Brockville, Ontario to Montreal.

North of the valley, mainly snow is expected, with storm accumulations approaching 20cm in Ottawa and across the Laurentians. Snowfall warnings are in place for those locations. South of the city towards the US border, a messy mix changing to rain is expected, as the temperature briefly rises above the freezing point. The entire cocktail will freeze-up rapidly Sunday afternoon, as an arctic front plows across the region. By Monday morning, frigid temperatures return, with lows between -18C and -25C (0F to -13F) in eastern Ontario and southern Quebec. Flash freeze conditions are likely Sunday afternoon with rapidly dropping temperatures.

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