Friday, April 13, 2018

Storm to impact Quebec and Ontario with icy mix

A complex late season winter storm will impact Ontario and Quebec this weekend. (
A complex and intense weather system will begin to impact southern Ontario late Friday, with a messy mix of freezing rain and snow. The precipitation will spread into extreme southern Quebec early Saturday. A frontal boundary over central New York will be the focus for the precipitation as it attempts to lift northward on Saturday. Low pressure will then slowly move along the front Sunday bringing another round of precipitation into the region. At the same time, strong high pressure anchored over central Quebec, will provide unseasonably cold air across the region.

Montreal can expect light snow on Saturday, with perhaps 5cm accumulating. The heaviest precipitation on Saturday will be across southern Ontario, where freezing rain and snowfall warnings have been posted. The possibility exists for a significant amount of freezing rain along the north shore of Lake Ontario into the St. Lawrence Valley. Further north snow will be the main form of precipitation. All regions, including Montreal can expect gusty northeast winds up to 60km/h through Sunday. Temperatures will fall below freezing overnight and remain there through most of the upcoming weekend in Montreal. On Sunday, heavier precipitation will arrive in Montreal, with the freezing rain lifting from southern Ontario into southern Quebec. This is a very dangerous late season storm, with  numerous impacts expected across the entire area. On Monday heavy rain is forecast, as the system slowly lifts northeast across Quebec.

I will post further updates early Saturday morning.

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