Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy Birthday Canada

Happy 143rd Birthday Canada

What a beautiful morning here in southern Quebec, sunny skies, crisp and cool. It will be a sunny and cool day in Montreal and eastern Ontario. Very warm and humid air across the Prairies is triggering more thunderstorms and heavy rain on this Canada Day, more flooding is likely. Meanwhile that hot and humid air is moving east into Ontario and Quebec starting Friday. Temperatures will soar to over 30C with humidex readings close to 40C. Advisories for humidity and smog may be needed by Sunday or Monday here in the St. Lawrence Valley.

Hurricane Alex came ashore last night as a very strong category 2 storm with 105mph winds and torrential rain. The storm developed a well established eye just prior to landfall along the Mexican coast 100 miles south of Brownsville. One fatality has been reported in northern Mexico so far, but this storm is ongoing and flooding with mudslides will become a major issue along and south of the Rio Grand Valley this weekend. Alex has also severely disrupted the BP oil disaster cleanup effort in the Gulf of Mexico. Heavy rain and rough seas from feeder bands have been affecting the Louisiana and upper Texas coast all night.

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