Sunday, July 11, 2010

Less humid...still warm

Despite the passage of a cold front on Friday, it remains warm and humid across southern Quebec. Yesterday the mercury topped out at 28C (83F) while down about 10 degrees from Friday, it remained muggy, and scattered thunderstorms developed late in the afternoon and moves east of the city. This morning it is warm again - already up to 27C in Montreal with a humidex of 33C. There remains a very slight risk of an isolated shower today or perhaps a rumble of thunder. The upcoming week will feature more muggy and warm air. This week will not be nearly as hot as the record breaking heatwave of last week, but it will be uncomfortable. Temperatures will be near 30C and into the low thirties by Friday with humidity values increasing and the humidex reaching 40C by Friday as well.

**I missed one record high last week that was on Tuesday, July 6 when we reached a temperature of 34C at the airport just beating the record set in 1993 at 33.5C. Of note, the overnight lows during last weeks heatwave were actually warmer than the lows during the famous 1975 heatwave in this city. The 1975 heatwave is responsible for the warmest temperature ever recorded in Montreal at the airport, 37.8C (100.4F). Last week our lows from Monday to Friday were in the 24 to 25C range for some of the warmest overnight lows this city has ever recorded. Downtown, on most nights, it remained near 27C or 80F.

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