Thursday, July 15, 2010

Heat & Humidity

The heat is on again today across southern, eastern Ontario and southwest Quebec. It will reach into the low 30's with humidity levels on the rise. Extensive fog has been reported this morning in portions of the St. Lawrence Valley and across sections of Vermont and New York. This is a good indication of lots of low level moisture available for thunderstorm development later tonight and Friday. A cold front is expected to move across the region on Friday and produce showers and thunderstorms before a sunny and very pleasant weekend in the region.

**It has been a very warm month. Montreal reached a high of 20C on the 1st of July and a low of 12C. Since then we have been above 18C both day and night. That includes the last 13 days over 27C (80F) with 5 of those days over 30C. The max average so far is 29.4C with a min average of 19.7C.

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