Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Late August heatwave

The leaves along the commuter rail line near Pointe Claire yesterday are not only turning color, but bright reds and oranges already. ValleyWX Pic

Lots to talk about this morning and not much time to do it in. Lets start with Danielle. First of all I am not the best speller in the world. I have yet to master the English language let alone French or any other. I misspelled Danielle yesterday, my bad. Danielle this morning is back to hurricane strength after briefly weakening to a tropical storm yesterday. Some dry air working into the system was responsible, but now the storm is once again a hurricane and still expected to reach Category 3 intensity. The storm may be in the waters near Bermuda by Sunday.

Thank YOU
We are coming up on some significant weather anniversaries, the most important being the 5th of Hurricane Katrina. I will have more on that in a later post. Also coming up is the 31st anniversary of my start in daily weather observing. It was back during 1979 while tracking Hurricane David at the age of 13 that I began the journey. Prior to that I dabbled in some weather but never to the extent from 1979 to the present. That brings me to yesterday, as I reached another milestone on this blog when it went over 70,000 hits. I could never imagined that when I started it on July 25th, 2005. I have had some good days and some bad days, good entries and bad entries, but the blog has given me an avenue to share my passion with others. For years I recorded the weather at home and talked about it to only a few friends. This blog has certainly allowed me to share my interest. I thank each and everyone of you for reading, especially during the past year when life events have prevented me from writing as much as I would have liked to. Your time spent on this page is very much appreciated.

August HEAT
One last item today: Despite the cool, cloudy and fall like weather today and tomorrow, and the leaves changing color, perhaps a final surge of very hot weather is on the way. It looks like low pressure along the east coast will spread rain and wind into New England, but stay east of Montreal over the next 24 hours. By Friday high pressure will build in from the west along with increasing warmth. We should see sunshine and temperatures close to 30C starting Sunday well into next week. That is good news for the NASCAR teams in Montreal for the NAPA Auto Parts 200 in Montreal all weekend. It has rained the last two years so I am looking forward to a dry race. The sunny warm weather will begin Saturday and is expected until at least next Wednesday. As a matter of fact September looks warm and dry here in the east.

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