Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Record Heat

An interesting forecast track from the NHC shown on right has Earl brushing the east coast before moving into Nova Scotia this weekend.

A tropical air mass remains established over southern Quebec and Ontario this morning. High heat and humidity warnings are in effect for all of the St. Lawrence Valley south to the US border. The combination of temperatures between 32C and 34C and the humidity will push humidex values into the low 40's. Today will be a record breaker in Montreal with the temperature expected to surpass the 1993 record of 31C. The heat will continue into Wednesday with tonight's low a muggy 22C and tomorrow's high 33C. Last night we only dipped as low as 22C and not until 5am. We are already at 24C with a humidex in the 30's. Smog and poor air quality are also quite obvious this morning. Drink plenty of water today and use sunscreen.

Hurricane Earl
Hurricane Earl continues to move away from Puerto Rico this morning after brushing the island with heavy surf, flooding rains and 70mph winds that cut power to over 100,000 people. Earl is moving west northwest at 13mph and heading towards the southeastern Bahamas, Turks and Cacaos. By late Thursday, most computer models have Earl approaching the southeast coast of the US, from the Outer Banks northward. At this time forecasters feel the storm will not make a direct hit but remain offshore. That still means very high surf and tropical storm force winds from the Outer Banks across the Delmarva and into Long Island and Cape Cod. In addition it appears that earl will make a direct landfall in Nova Scotia, perhaps as a Category 1 storm. What condition the storm will be in by then, it is too early to tell. The time frame for arrival in Canadian waters is this coming weekend. But once again lots can happen between now and then and several other factors are influencing the storm. We will just have to wait and see.
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