Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two for one in Atlantic

The Atlantic tropical season is off and running with two named systems. Hurricane Danielle (seen in the NOAA satellite picture at left this morning) is nearly a Category 3 storm with 110mph winds. Forecasters expect Danielle to remain east of Bermuda and away from the US. Meanwhile Tropical Storm Earl is located in the open waters of the Atlantic, southwest of the Cape Verde Islands. Earl is expected to follow a path very similar to Danielle but a little further south and west. Earl may approach Bermuda next week with more significant wind and wave impacts than Danielle.

Our weather will become very pleasant and unseasonably warm from Saturday well into next week. A frontal boundary will cross the area today with some spotty showers. Temperatures will be mild and humidity levels slightly elevated. Skies should clear out quickly tonight and it will cool down to about 10C. The forecast period from Saturday through next Thursday will feature strong high pressure off the east coast of the United States. This will pump in warm air from the deep south, resulting in bright sunny skies with temperatures in the 27 to 30C range. Nights will be clear and pleasantly cool dropping into the mid teens. The next chance of precipitation after today will not be until next Friday. Enjoy it, I am not saying this will be the last of the warm air, but you never know. Once Labor Day arrives, we are on the other side of the weather calendar.

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