Monday, September 27, 2010

Heavy Rain

A wet and windy low pressure area over Tennessee is slowly lifting northward into the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes today. This system has produced a wide area of heavy rain from the southeast into the Carolina's. Flooding has been reported with some areas receiving 2 - 4 inches of rainfall (50-100mm). As the system lifts into Ontario, heavy rain will develop across eastern Ontario into southern Quebec. At this time 25-60mm is forecast with higher amounts locally due to thunderstorm activity. Montreal is forecasting 20-40mm of rain, just below warning criteria. Regions north and west of the city including Ottawa/Cornwall and Eastern Ontario will receive heavier rain and are under rainfall warnings for an excess of 50mm of rain. The rain will develop this evening and spread north and east overnight. It will not end until Wednesday when it tapers to showers. There are no flood or hydro concerns at this time, as the area is relatively dry and can accept this moisture without flooding. Do however make sure your catch basins and gutters are free of falling leaves and other debris.

Temperatures will be mild with this southern system, above normal today at 19C in the region, and into the 20's on Tuesday. Skies will partially clear by mid week and it will turn sharply colder with frost and dare I say a snowflake or two in the air in the highest elevations of the Townships, the Dacks and Greens by next weekend.

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