Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hurricane Igor a monster

US Navy image of intense Hurricane Igor taken a few hours ago.

What happened today over the Atlantic? When I last checked, Igor was a mere tropical storm meandering slowly to the west. Today the storm has blossomed rapidly into a monster category 4 hurricane. At 9am this morning Igor was a category 1 storm with winds of 80mph and a central pressure of 988mb. As of 5pm this afternoon we were looking at a very intense and large hurricane Igor with 140mph and a pressure of 942mb. There is no reason to believe the storm won't grow even stronger in the next 24 hours. Fluctuations in strength are very common with major hurricanes, but the forecast out to 72 hours keeps Igor at major status, that is Cat 3 or higher. The storm is located 1065 miles east of the Lesser Antilles and no threat to land at the moment. All interests in Bermuda and along the North American east coast should monitor Igor this week.

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