Friday, September 17, 2010

Karl a category 3

Hurricane Karl forecast track inland over Mexico (NOAA).

Hurricane Karl is a mere 50 miles northeast of Veracruz, Mexico this morning with 120mph winds. The storm intensified rapidly overnight and is expected to further strengthen before landfall later today along the central Mexican Gulf Coast. This will be one of the strongest hurricanes in recent memory to hit this region. Surge flooding could be in the order of 12-15 feet along the coast with heavy rain expected as well. The storm will move inland tonight and head in a westerly direction towards Mexico City while weakening. It will be a big rain machine with the potential for 15 inches or more of rain over the interior mountains. There is a serious risk of flash flooding and deadly mudslides. Hurricane warnings are in effect along the coast, with tropical storm force winds already spreading inland in the warning area.

Weekend Update:
Meanwhile Montreal had about 20mm of rain late yesterday and overnight. It is cool with clearing skies this morning. Look for sun and clouds mixed with high temperatures below normal at 17C. it will warm Saturday under partly cloudy skies to about 21C. Believe it or not it is 1C this morning in Calgary with light rain/snow mix and -3C in Edmonton with widespread frost. Where did the summer go so fast?

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